Monday, March 24, 2014

trusting ...

it will arrive 


just not

or even

Spring ... 

I STILL believe

Meanwhile ... the antidote to my malaise is copious cups of tea (thank you Mel!), taking refuge in paint AND in wool (never a lack of knit projects to return to!), and when the going gets tough, I retreat to my cozy bed with heating pad and mystery novel (am a sucker for the Ann Cleeves Shetland novels and Vera Stanhope series both of which have been made into television shows through the BBC so oodles of comfort and fun awaiting me should Spring skip out all-together.)

How are you coping with seasonal bipolarism?  Any miracle cures you are willing to share?


  1. oh, oh, oh, OH!!! i'm currently watching the third season of Vera!! did you know that's set in my home-town?! oh, the to my ears...that's how i talk when i'm with my family for any length of time...i slip back into the mother-tongue. :) i haven't read the books, though...but the tv series is MOST excellent. i die a thousand times looking at the old buildings....

    a cruel hoax around these parts. grasping onto the tiny details and evidence of it's impending arrival with the fervour of a drowning person clutching a handful of twigs.



  2. It will arrive! I am just trying to think green and enjoy every bit of warmth and sunshine that comes our way. xoxo

  3. i am seeking comfort in multiple cups of tea these days...the wind whips outside my window just now, with yesterday's snow covering the ground.
    my daughter and i will plant flower seeds this weekend to sprout indoors…we plant with hope.
    just please stop the snow ;)