Monday, April 21, 2014

easter bunny magic

Look at what the Easter bunny did:

He gave our chicks legs and feet!

Speaking of legs (I know, I am a master of the segue) I wanted to encourage you to check out the next leg of our virtual blog tour ... these blogs being the treats I turn to for an instant infusion of inspiration and insight.  

Michelle GD is a photographer and writer playing with lens and verse.  She believes there is beauty in tiny moments and healing in image and word.  You can find her on

Mel Leavey is a "writer, magic-keeper, fire-raiser." She has transformed her drafty garret into the inkblot kingdom ( and our world is richer for it. She has saved and supported me in ways beyond the scope of a blog post ... let's just say I have a reoccurring payment to her karmic bank account and I take pleasure in wiring those funds!

Mandy Smith is the proprietress of Flora Phenomena. Mandy enjoys creating herbal remedies, playing with plants, and learning about the relationships between the natural world and the human species. Her blog posts are meant to empower the reader and reignite our sense of wonder of the world and nature. Her herbal products at Flora Phenomena (coming soon!) offer healing and nourishment for the mind, body, and spirit. You can find Mandy exploring her always sun-drenched world (or so it seems to me!)  on her current blog at the present moment

What strikes me today is the many ways we each support and fuel the magical in our lives and in our world.  And when I speak of magic, I mean that which allows me to believe the impossible can happen ... that miracles such as the healing of our planet, or respectful and truthful communication among people, or children growing up steeped in love and wonderment, or felted chicks growing legs are to be expected.  

(A gentle reminder that today is the last day for early bird registration to my course The Gift of Practice which starts May 5.  Registration will be open through the first week, but in order to receive a complimentary mentoring session you need to sign up NOW!  All the details and registration information can be found HERE)  

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