Wednesday, April 9, 2014

my notebook obsessions (vlog post)

Lifting the curtain here ... a little peek into my chaos ...

For no other reason than it is Spring (finally!) and time to shift through the seed packets and sow some new life ...

password: journallove
direct link here

And announcing the Spring session of my favorite offering: The Gift of Practice

Real knowledge does not come from books. It is gleaned through the experiences of life: through personal encounter, through the body, the senses, and through the heart. It is through practice – regular attention and engagement with the multitude of details and treasures that make up daily life -  that I evolve and grow.

 for all the details, including Early Bird special offering, go HERE.

Diving back into my journals ... How is Spring calling to you? What wants to come out into the sun and play?



  1. love how you note the blank pages 'are a sign of opportunity'. such a beautiful reminder...i also resonated with how you liken your page a day drawing to an exercise in mindfulness or simple noticing.

    1. It's been HUGE, this practice of reframing my thoughts! Noticing how quickly I jump in to judge myself and how spacious it is to turn things around and take in a different view. So yeah, I don't stick with any one journal which is reflective of the diversity of inspiration in my life and all those empty pages no longer my failure to complete, but opportunities for growth. I have to give credit to some wise person who counseled that rather than seeing "failure" or setbacks as confirmation of one's limited talents, a challenge represents an area of growth potential and learning. Something I tell my girl all the time - we learn best from our mistakes!