Friday, June 27, 2014

vacation memories (finally, friday)

Luxuriating in the memories from our family vacation ...

It was an overcast day with occasional drizzle/rain and a high of 57 degrees ...

 But she didn't notice any of that ...

Lessons in how to approach my day. 

(yes, she got a cold and no, I don't believe it was from this ocean play but from the airplane ride; regardless this day was worth the sniffles and river of tea)

(Excited to announce this summertime play opportunity ... easy peasy, so join with me!)


  1. These photos show such deep joy and play between your daughter and the ocean. I can even smell the salty air!

    1. She IS an ocean girl for sure! Ever since she was a wee one, the water soothes her, bringing out a joy and playfulness that is totally infectious and inspiring. Oh, the smell of sea air!

  2. WOnderful. Life. Living in that moment- worthy of frames to remind you everyday.