Wednesday, August 20, 2014

back on task ...

I'm not ready to say goodbye to summer but I am happy to welcome the energy surge that is  back to school ...

More so than New Year's Day, the start of a new school year feels ripe for fresh beginnings.  Or in my case, reviving ideas or projects that somehow got lost in the shuffle of vacation, pool time, garden and patio time.  One thing I've learned about myself: if I want to tackle something the very best way to do that is to distract myself with another project.  

I discovered this pattern just in the past year. Last fall I wanted to commit to a sketch a-day practice and ended up completing 3 photo books (condensing 2 years worth of photos languishing on my hard drive into 2 Shutterfly albums.  procrastination pays off in this area b'c if you wait long enough, you can make use of the periodic coupon offers!) In the winter, I attempted a daily practice utilizing mantra and visualization and I ended up sketching every day.  This summer I was intending to immerse myself in a writing project.  I even signed up for a course to keep me motivated and on track.  

she changes daily it seems ...

Instead, I've been painting.  Oh, and jogging more or less every other day.

But it is back to school here and that means both the Husband and Cowgirl are out of the house and I have no excuse for not resurrecting these languishing seedlings of mine.  Just a little care and attention and some ironing ...

Yesterday the Husband came home and asked me about my day.  He was genuinely interested in what I do.  Um ... yes ... how do I do this?  How do I explain the structures that must be in place so that I can tackle what will probably be the biggest project yet, one that will require sustained energy and attention over a long period of time? (self awareness flash: I am a creative sprinter.  While I have several year long projects/practices under my belt, my tendency is to work really hard and intensively in seasonal cycles.  Interesting to realize my undergrad schooling was at an institute utilizing the Block Plan - one course at a time - never mind that was yikes! thirty years ago, it's how I flow ... or rage ...)

I will mind map, I might make a vision board, but what I've latched onto (and yes, it could be avoidance or divine inspiration) is making a new set of prayer flags for the living room.

Not just any prayers ... translating into fabric collage and rubber stamp images (phase 2 for tomorrow) the core values and intentions that I see as supporting and inspiring me in my yet-to-be-revealed Big Project. 

Actually, it was very therapeutic to spend the day crafting these pieces, sitting with and sowing while sewing (sorry, I couldn't resist) the themes and the ideas that I believe will guide me in the long haul ahead. (and yes, I must credit the above mentioned course - which I am slowly winding my way through -  as it was the inspiration for this project.) 

How was my day honey?  Wonderful!  I am half way through outlining a major project. No, that's not a baby blanket ... that's a piece of a dream!

Spoiler alert: It WILL involve a dragon, for sure! 

Meanwhile, I sustain myself by sketching ... every day ... loving what is manifesting for my fellow campers and intending to offer this and this again soon.


  1. Wow wow wow! I love the pieces of that prayer flag!!! And I love all the revelations about your various m.o.(s).
    You're the best.
    Thanks for being in my life.

  2. Fun prayer flags! I love your creations. xoxo