Friday, September 26, 2014

follow the yellow brick road ...

My girl is ten - TEN - years old!  Showing signs of the sass that certainly will be her signature flavor in the teens years, but thankfully she retains aspects of her original innocence. She still sleeps with her stuffed animals, mostly birds and sharks which says a lot her personality and what we might be in for down the road.

But ten years?  Done in a blink of an eye.  I've experienced the passing years like one of those coin catching wells ... you know ... the kind where you toss the coin in at the top and it spins around and around the circular perimeter, the circles getting smaller as the coin moves toward the center until finally it whips madly about in its last laps before descending down the dark hole at the bottom.

with her Uncle enjoying a pre-yellow brick road tater tot

Feeling a bit like I am more than half way down, the circuits getting smaller and faster ... although I am attempting to counter this speeding up effect through traditional means ... Live as if you had more time and you will (Karen Maezen Miller)

In the magical realms, does time matter?  

So the Husband worries that we (by which he means me) might be leading Cowgirl astray with all the support and encouragement around fairies and dragons and house gnomes. He worries other kids will begin to make fun of her ... that she will be angry with us for misleading her ... that she will be disappointed to learn the truth ...

I sit there listening to his misguided worries ... yes, hesitant to voice what I know to be the truth:

That there is a realm we cannot measure, see, chart, dissect but nonetheless many know - in that manner of knowing that cannot be articulated -  it exists ... it makes its presence known ...   

Can you imagine how cuffed I was for our girl to take her "Show Me" Dad on a nature hike only to discover this:

and this:

and 13 other fairy homes in what appears to be a thriving fae community well-established in nearby park.

To believe ... or not believe ... it is an individual choice.  Many will not and we believers must be prepared to withstand the barbs, the accusations, the doubts lobbed at us.  Many do not want to believe ... it takes a fair amount of strength and trust within oneself to do so. 

Sometimes those doubts will upset our footing, making us stumble and question ourselves.

Thankfully, there is support.

fairy slipper orchid essence ... my new fav exilir created by this Fae advocate

There are practices that help us align with the magic.  Just step outside. Sit awhile with nothing to do.  Close your eyes and open up your other senses, particularly that sensitive organ of the heart.  You have to wait awhile, allowing space and time for  the magic to come to you. 

Thankfully, I am surrounded by believers.  In fact, as one sister-in-wings  has noted All my friends are magic keepers.  They have to be. 

Grab the hand of a friend ... it helps to have another witness the magic with you. It makes the journey that much more enjoyable, more magic-filled. Now, follow the magic ... yes, follow the yellow brick road ...

xo to our sisters in the North ... you know who you are ...


  1. Congratulations to your family on a wonderful milestone. Seems like yesterday you were preparing to go meet her for the first time. Lisa, my Mom raised us to believe in magic and encouraged us as long as possible to be childlike and full of wonder. Till her dying day she would argue that the animals in the forests and fields spoke and had feelings and when we pass on from this life we will join all sorts of creatures in a beautiful peaceful heaven. That childhood prepared me to not take the harsh side of life too seriously. She told us about angels around us. She told us about our ancestors around us. Life can be brutal. But I have found balance in the whimsical all my adult life because Mom created magic for us all my life - and she is doing it from heaven where I have seen her dancing with Dad amongst the clouds - Dad hangs out on the moon a lot of nights making funny faces at us. I feel them around me all the time. I hear their voices.

    Mom grew up during the depression and her family and extended family was very poor. They coped through music and togetherness and storytelling. She passed that on. I can remember being way past the age when most kids didn't believe in Santa. I would tell my pals that of course I didn't believe but deep down I really truly did - and I still do. Your girl will get those hard knocks soon enough and won't it be wonderful when she has the fairies to frolic with and dragons fire to warm her on the days that try her. There's nothing wrong with being practical but I think a solid foundation of pixie dust and angel kisses is what we all need. And didn't your Cowgirl chase away a bully a while ago who was picking on another boy - didn't you share that she said "he told you to stop." I don't imagine she'll have any trouble if someone tries to make fun of her. Puberty will bring new adventures of course....... and that's when your magical foundation will sustain you all.

  2. TEN?! are you sure? did you count correctly?

    oh dear.

    welcome to the double-digits.!! :)

    well, of course, you KNOW my feelings on the magicness of things...and that there are those of us who are charged with keeping the faith for those who falter, or who may feel a pressure to go "underground" for a time.

    our new catch-phrase around these parts - "haters gonna hate" - helps us to separate ourselves from the terminal Muggles who will never, ever "get" us and are not worthy of the effort to persuade or enlighten. [as you may guess, there have been Issues].

    so yes - belief is a choice - and like any choice, there'll be naysayers. all the more reason to hold fast and forge ahead...


    ps. i LOVE the faery forest!! oh. MY. that makes me all skippy and hand-clappy!!!

  3. TEN is amazingly fun!

    I believe... and it took me way too long to be able to voice that belief out loud, so I am always sure to encourage my girls to believe and not be afraid of the non believers words. They have grown to be beautiful believers of Magick <3