Friday, September 12, 2014

home (finally, friday)

I've been traveling and it always takes me several days to feel rooted again.  

Inhabiting an in between space of seasons, work, and myself.  Shedding so much, but not ready to fill up just yet. Marveling at the signs of new life ...

the deer of SouLodge ranch

 while at the same time, it seems summer is making a hasty retreat, autumn's grey skies hustling quickly on to the scene.

Some of us are more prepared for this change than others.

Taking deep breaths, taking it all in ...

A long, cleansing exhale and I will be ready.   

A beautiful, feisty and loving warrior sister is about to embark upon what will certainly be a empowering exploration of fear:

we will be exploring the wholeness of fear (it's light and dark sides), reconnecting with it's medicine while finding out how to use it in a way that is medicine, and pioneering new trails for us to be in an authentic and wise relationship with fear.

I will be hitching my wagon with Nissa's e-circle as I recommit to my spiritual practice through my own offering The Gift of Practice.  For a chance to win a seat in my course, visit Nissa's blog HERE and leave a comment.  I cannot think of a better way to nurture and support myself in this season of releasing than by circling with Nissa as I step into the deep water of Fear.  I know I will be supported and gently guided as I tackle some big medicine.  I am ready.  How about you?  xo


  1. "Rooted again". I need that too! Love those deer, so cute. Elk has been in my dreams and visions lately. Funny, as I looked up other names for this week's full moon (inspired by your moon mandalas) and one little known name is the "Elk Call Moon". Hmm... Love this Universe! xoxo

  2. Lynne Archambeault SmithSeptember 13, 2014 at 11:22 PM

    I am so looking forward to circling with you <3