Monday, December 14, 2015

a quiet obsession ...

Sometimes in all the clutter and chaos (hello? are there no holiday wreaths available? Am I that behind?! And how much can I really knit/sew/bake/make in less than two weeks time? Things that could, but don't, keep me up at night. Not yet  ...) comes flashes of clarity ...

The above was painted two years ago and has been quietly working a spell upon me. For in the following year and a half, all of this has been slowly (and steadily) emerging ...

And while I continue to paint dogs (one pooch is currently in progress on my easel) look who has also been herding into my art ...

And I realize I am soo good at distracting myself, wandering off course while thinking I know my way ... and then there is this moment of realization ... that the way has been consistently presenting itself to me. My secret, unspoken desire has made itself clear to me, finally. It is time to give it my full attention.

Back to the easel for me ... painting on a deadline (amazing, I can actually call up and ask if my work is wanted for a show and wow! Yes happens!

What whispers are you ready to heed? What is asking to come into light or life? What steps can you take to show up for its birth?

Giddy up!  xo 

(in gratitude for friends who ask me "What would it look like to have a studio filled with your art?" and who remind me to allow my work the opportunity to stand in its own light. You know who you are and I love you for being such a brilliant mirror for me.)


  1. you crafty minx you!! i had no idea you were painting dogs [and horses] so much and WOWZERS! they are utterly brilliant!!!!

    delighted beyond delight for your AHA! and your clarity and the very obvious joy that seeps into your paint.

    once you're done being "in a show" <--- i got that right??!!?!? -- perhaps you'll have time to take a commission or two. i think there's an angel-sausage that needs immortalizing in paint...

    big love and high-fives!! xoxxxoxoxoxo

    1. Oh, not a show (yet!) but putting together some pieces for a holiday bazaar ... many of these pieces here are in their permanent homes which makes me really happy. But yes, realizing I need to ASK and INQUIRE rather than waiting quietly for someone to find me. Am always happy to talk sausage dogs portraits and commission - ahem - that kind of caught in my throat but yeah, am thinking I need to hang out my shingle as "The Canine Limner" although now horses seem to be popping up! xo

  2. Soooo much love for these! And IN them too. Xxx

  3. The animals have spoken. They needed someone to bring their light and energy to the rest of the world. You are their champion! xoxo