Friday, February 12, 2010

Practical Magick

Signs of Magick abound

We actively practice

It in our home

but don’t let any unbelievers know

It is not what you think -

We don’t cast spells,

or cook up any newt’s eyes,

And broomsticks and peaked hats

are superfluous

In actuality

When I say “practice”

I mean we stay open to

The possibility of the miraculous

residing within the prosaic,

recognizing that

we can be transformed

in ways bolder

than our imagination allows

To those initiated in its language

Magick presents itself everyday

in ways both

Humble and bold

I’ve seen it too many times

not to believe

Here is my testimonial:

A grumpy morning troll

transmutes into a shining elf child

through mint tea

an elixir healing body and spirit

A queen’s necklace of protection is

disguised as simple yarn and plastic beads,

and domestic fairy folk

camouflage themselves with

button eyes, wooley fur and silent mouths

keeping safe the secrets

known only by those trained in the art

of listening

Sacred pebbles and gemstones appear on our path

reminding us to keep a watchful eye

for earth’s treasures

while garden fairies gift us

inspiration for our art and for our home

Swords disguised as sticks

fend off any foe challenging our

right to dream

while shaggy magicians

boldly defend our

innocence and truths gained

Skilled in magic we discover:

Peanut butter kisses awaken new reserves

of power and energy

while bath time mermaids and water nymphs

cleanse away the day’s debris

We learn the alchemy of chocolate and spices

creates a potion bestowing

radiant smiles,

soulful sighs

and infectious laughter

Animal tracks offer

clues to the lessons and medicine

and songs provide protective charms that

call and unite our tribe in

Love and trust

Wild dances are our way of honoring the passion

of those fairy warriors who went before us,

Infusing our lives with the energy of



And personal expression

Moonlight and starlight illuminate

our dream selves who

race cars

dance with bears

travel to the far off spaces and places on our maps

and leap like kangaroos

effortless and powerfully

over all difficulties

that arise

All this

-and more -

we have uncovered

And the greatest magic of them all?

The realization that as often

as we forget

there is opportunity

For us to remember

And until we do,

there are always

Warm hands to transfer

the courage and curiosity

necessary for seekers of hope and dreams

Now do you see?

Magick speaks a private language

that is understood only

in the chambers of the heart

Are you willing to learn?


  1. ~each and every words your wrote carried such depth...such meaning and beauty...ABSOLUTELY a BEAUTIFUL piece...through your photos i was able to walk along this journey with you...thank you so...brightest blessings~

  2. I absolutely LOVE this! Amazing! And where, pleeeease tell me, where did you get those tunics?

  3. Lis, this was truly beautiful. What a wonderful world you share with your daughter. You are both so fortunate to see and experience all the magic that surrounds us.

  4. My "word verification" (that keeps spam away) that came up for the comment above was "faryo" which I took to mean "fairy, yo" in keeping with your theme. You see, I am trained in the art of listening to fairy folk.

  5. my heart yearns for a day such as this.

  6. I am looking forward to sharing the magic in my own life with my future children, and this poem is a charming reminder of all that I loved in my youth.

    My favorite picture is the one of you two nose to nose, it is an image filled with love and trust. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.

  7. This is the most stunning piece of poetry I have read in a very long time! I hope you don't mind but I have printed it and it now hangs on the inspiration wall above my desk :) I particularly identified with the grumpy morning troll and the alchemy of chocolate. Well done Lis, you are an inspiration xxx

  8. Miles, Lyndon, and I were just talking about snow fairies yesterday. Have you heard of them? When the snow poofs up with the wind, sometimes you can catch a glimpse of them. Just look for the sparkle. When you see a sparkle, that might just be a snow fairy in flight. They are as sweet as sugar. They love to dance almost as much as they love to fly.

  9. Absolutely the best kind of magick there is!

  10. this is brilliant! both your words and pictures... so clever. truly magical! xx