Monday, February 22, 2010

Weekly Reflection (week 8): Excitement!

What is exciting me right now?

Well, I've gone and done it again. Yes my friends, I have fallen under the hypnotic spell of another ecourse magician/fairy/art fae and am wildly working in my art journals. Yes, I have multiple journals piling up, each reflecting a different facet of me. Getting back to my current love, check out the badge on the side here for Art Journal Love Letters. Warning: if you don't want to be wildly inspired, don't look!

Now, what may be one person's - ahem - addiction can be another's liberation. I will admit, I have caught myself about to jump aboard another ecourse barge because, well, so many others are doing it and damn! So many sound sexy, exciting, and outlandishly fun (and of course, insightful.) I actually have practiced some restraint, reminding myself that if the course is really good, it will be around for a while and hey, save something for later.

What I love is when I seemingly stumble upon a new teacher/blog and discover exactly what I had been looking for even though I didn't know that would be. So far, the richest experiences for me have been the ones where I've on the spot decided to sign up. Mermaid Art Camp, Unravelling, Goddess Courses and now Love Letters.

Yeah, I am following my intuition and I am here to say, it feels great! Juicy, exciting, on-the-edge of my seat with anticipation and eagerness to dive in. Most days I have more ideas and projects filling my mind than the hours to accomplish it all. I actually wake up early on my days off so I will have that time to play.

It is like finding a plain cardboard box, looking inside and discovering a treasure trove of riches beyond your wildest imagination. I may be a little odd but seriously folks, I could spend hours watching videos of people making art. I love seeing how they use materials I've never thought of in ways that would not have occurred to me. I find myself looking around my bins of supplies (oh yes, my supplies have swelled from a drawer to multiple bins) with the eye of a mad scientist: how can I manipulate this item to suit my artsy purposes?

I taught an art journaling workshop yesterday and caught myself caressing, sighing and embracing art markers, crayons, bottles of gesso and mod podge as I spoke to my initiates. I think I even cackled a few times, giving away my identity as a practionner of the bright arts of mixed media magic. I was recruiting these women, attempting to seduce them into our artsy circle as we all know power and inspiration thrives on collaboration, support and the sharing of ideas. What blows me away is the immense generosity of the teachers online who so lovingly let us peek into their creative process while injecting into us their enthusiasm and joy.

This is what excites me right now, this is what gets me dreaming and drooling and puts me outside of real world time: art play. Connecting with my messy inner child who is blissfully unaware of labels, judgments, the need to do anything other than what captures her attention and imagination. And I bow down in gratitude to all those who open heartedly tell of their creative journeys and freely share their work. They have created a spiral of art energy that encourages others to join in, adding our stories and our vision which in turn serves to sustain momentum. Where this all leading, I don't care. I just know I've hopped abroad some kind of art love train and I am enjoying the ride!

By the way, please don't mention my little habit to my husband. The extent of my "addiction" is known by only myself and paypal. Oh, and let's not talk about Mr. Dick Blick and his monthly discount coupons that keep me going back for more. Thankfully, I have a partner in my crimes ... Cowgirl is patiently awaiting the start of
her new ecourse!

What is exciting you these days?


  1. I can feel the excitement dripping from the pages of this blog! It is so inspiring to come here and see you exploring, expanding and blossoming into the creative person you are. Way to go, Lis!

  2. Great post. I would say that what's exciting me these days is visual journaling and generally re-discovering my creativity. Much of what you've said, minus the e-courses.

    Love that you fondled markers and cackled. ;)


  3. Hi Lis,
    Sounds like you're having a fantastic time discovering and rediscovering parts of yourself. What's exciting me is making lotions and potions in my kitchen - something I wanted to do for a long time and have only recently started doing!
    Keep on having fun - and Cowgirl too!