Monday, May 10, 2010

Hodgepodge Monday (My Best Shots)

Mother's day weekend was a whirlwind of activities and lately I am feeling like a short order cook in the kitchen of my life. Flipping, toasting, scrambling, plating it all up. So excuse me if I take a little time to organize my head and while I'm at it, the kitchen and my art table and my pile of papers.

Cowgirl greeted me in my yoga room very early on Mother's day, still sleepy but excited to remind me it was my "special day." She has been telling me for weeks about the special secret she had been working on in school. Not one to keep secrets, she did a good job of letting me know she was keeping this secret.

And here is my Mother's day surprise:

She made me a booklet with each page describing me. For example, for the prompt "My mother likes to" she wrote "make noodles." (Hmmm ... her favorite dish. Glad to know she believes I derive great enjoyment from boiling pasta!) She sweetly wrote "My mother is loving" and my favorite is "I love it when my mother does yoga with me."

It was a special celebration as we have my mother here now and my mother-in-law also joined us for a family dinner.

The Husband spent all weekend smoking a brisket - never mind I am a vegetarian, beef is his way of saying I love you - and a hanging tomato planter is in my future. Sounding like Green Acres over here!

Here's a few more things the weekend served up:

Yes, Moose rested comfortably all weekend, the Potato head family has extended their visit and the robins must be hatching because I saw 3 empty eggs on my morning walk.

That is my hodgepodge of a weekend. Do tell about yours! ❉


  1. I love love love that photo of your daughter between her grandmothers. So perfect!

  2. I too love the photo of your daughter with the other women. Her facial expression is so precious.

  3. You are simply amazing. Can I say that enough? I am so envious of your photography skills...not very yogic, I know. :)

  4. Looks like a beautiful Mother's Day, and a lovely gift for you from your little girl. I often wonder what impression teachers must get of parents from the little snippets they pick up in class!

  5. LOL, noodles. Adorable. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  6. Lovely little booklet about you cooking noodles and more. :)

    I am a mother to kitties and a dog, but it was still lovely to be spoiled and then see my own mom. :)

  7. Such a sweet little booklet. I can't wait till I get little handmade gifts from my baby girl :) Sounds like you had a great Mother's DAy!

  8. My husband made a prime rib dinner! He said he tried to find some salmon but the store was out of the "good kind". Oh well. It is the thought that counts...