Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Weekly Reflection (week 19): Personal Revolution

Who decides what role I am to play? Who determines my worth?

Sitting quietly,
Meekly answering to another's directives
Fulfilling the job description of
Being a
Good Girl,
Responsible Mother,
Caring Partner.

Attentive daughter,

Productive Worker.

Stay small.

Don't use up too many

Accept the
Assessment that
I am deficient,



Understand that
to speak or act
Would shatter
The delusion

I've carefully

Myself into.

My savior comes
In the form of
A small voice
Heard in a rare moment
When I let myself be stilled:

Who will be the final judge
Of whether my life
Was well lived or not?

Do those other voices -
The ones trying to mold,

shape and squeeze me -
Do they live in my skin?

Do they feel the stirrings of my heart?

Do they assume any risk?

To consider such questions.

And there's more.
What if I do all I that ought
And then come to the end and find
I wasted my chances,
Squandered the gifts,
And ignored the opportunities
To grow and to love

More fiercely, fully,
Inspired and inspiring,
With heart wide open,
Gratefully receiving
And freely giving.

Life pouring into Life
And merging into
An endless flow
Of Love



To allow such radical notions
A moment of my attention
Is an act of total defiance.

Only one response is possible now:

Let the Revolution

Care to join me on the Love Bus? The scenery is gorgeous and the company inspiring.

yes, this feels just right. What or who is stopping you from claiming your rightful place?


  1. I love that Thriving Artist page. I so like that we have claimed that term instead of the old starving artist one. I first heard of that from SARK and now it is my motto too! I too want to climb on the Love Bus... such great pages... and words too. Wonderful post.

  2. Get me on that love bus...let's go explore this wonderful world! Your words, once again, are inspiring! "Gratefully receiving and freely giving" will be my mantra tomorrow!

  3. This post really hit home for me... a while back I realized that for many years I was defined by my roles; my obligations... while they are a part of who I am, they are not ME. I was sacrificing crucial attention, energy, and time for myself for the sake of those responsibilities... I am now happy to say that I now make myself a priority and the "revolution" has done wonders for me... I'm sure it will for you too, my dear :)

  4. Excellent, that you are letting yourself go and be involved in the love. :)
    It takes great courage to do so, but at the same time is very liberating as one is devoted to just being in total existence of life.
    Beautiful blog

  5. Lis, you inspire me as always. Love this post. Thank you! xoxo

  6. LOVE this...
    Thank you.

  7. dear Lis-I absolutely Love this poem you wrote...it comes from the heart and soul and I see how you are transforming and claiming ALL parts of yourSELF, your creativity and talent. I see how you are seamlessly blending your words, photos and art to form a beautiful and inspiring tapestry. THANK YOU. YES!! A THRIVING ARTIST does live there...and here...and everywhere. Your poem is really awesome BTW...