Monday, May 3, 2010

Savoring the details (Best Shot & Artistic Mother)

every new journey begins with invoking the blessings of Ganesha to help us gracefully move over any obstacles in our path. double the Ganesha for extra support!

Funny how the days are getting longer but instead of getting more done, I am finding myself busier and busier with all the details of, um, well, life. Or maybe I am slowing down, taking time to enjoy things and so the days feel fuller, richer with nuance and experience. Spaciousness is a quality I have been craving lately and in an attempt to create more space in my life, I am looking at simplifying things and narrowing my focus. A bit.

Not that anyone may notice, but Mondays have been a time for my Weekly Reflections post. I am feeling a bit pinched for time given all that the first day of a work week brings and so I am moving reflections to Tuesdays to give me more time to create the art journal page and write the piece. It has been an interesting process of working in my art journal and seeing how threads of ideas emerge from the piece, inspiring me to investigate further through writing. But then the writing often moves in a different direction and inspires me to return to my art journal and to add a layer or two to the piece. I am not wanting to rush this process and pushing things back a day will give me more space in my schedule to let things evolve.

Meanwhile, today is Best Shot Monday over on Tracy Clark's blog and my intention for the coming months is to devote a bit more attention to my photography practice and strength my skills. I have a seed of an idea sprouting from BeItLiveItDoIt and the first step in moving towards that dream is to feel more confident in my photography and to clarify my approach, my "vision" or perspective, if you will.

Speaking of vision ... I have completed my Vision banner for week 4 of the Artistic Mother Group. I have it hanging by my work space to inspire me and there was something very centering in clarifying for myself what is really my mission statement when it comes to my life.

On one photograph I have an abbreviated form of what I originally wrote here and on the other image is a list of my short terms goals. Seeing my purpose and goals written out, I feel like I have been given an internal compass to help me navigate through the busyness of my days.

And navigate smoothly through the rocks and the shallows is what I am needing to do. There is so much that pulls at my attention, gremlins of worry and doubt that nip at my heels and distract me from the beauty of my life. I am calling upon the practices and the lessons I know help me to stay in my center but so often get lost in the shuffle of an over-scheduled day.

So simplicity is my cry! And the quest for this:

Costing really only common sense which is to slow down, slow down!

In an effort to practice what I am preaching here, I am now signing off in order to go gather pine cones for a fairy house that I have been promising Cowgirl we would build. I am inspired by this line from Karen Maezen Miller's new book Hand Wash Cold: "Having the good life can be so simple when you savor the one you have."

Here are some moments of I savored this past weekend from a girls' day out and about. They represent my Best Shot at living this one good life.

(oh my goodness, the Best breakfast ever! raisin wheat toast with nutella and sliced bananas! thank you for the inspiration Marisa and Susannah!)

(my favorite bathroom in all of the city! )


  1. love the photos and vision statement. I am planning on doing my vision statement this week..its an excellent idea where we can just list a few goals for the week rather than get bogged down with the mundane..lovely artwork here

  2. Love your post and the pics...very real life.
    Great vision banner. Love the flowers!!!!!! I really like your blog too.

  3. A lovely post! Your vision statement is so inspiring!
    I seem to be doing more photography as well - love your photos!

  4. I love the banner! I hadn't ever considered creating an artistic version of my vision statement... thank you for the inspiration. And Jai Ganesha! :-)

  5. You already know I love your banner! I'm glad you are honouring yourself and the process by doing the weekly reflection a day later. That banana on toast looks yummy!

  6. I love your vision statement banner. The colors are so bright and cheery.

  7. I'm thinking I need to invoke more Ganesha into my life....even just looking at your beautiful photo of the two Ganesha's gave me such a jolt of good feelings and inspiration. I also love your vision and your honesty and bravery for sharing it here...I am thinking it is very powerful to put these things out there and stand up for them and inspire others to also seek to put their own visions out there....I've been thinking a lot about this topic lately...thank you for sharing the light of your vision today!

  8. Great photos! Like you I am trying to simplify and to savor life. I've been wanting to start working through the artistic mother book as well. You've inspired me even more!

  9. Wow, I love your vision so much, it is so clear and powerful. Your post really inspired me today, it has given me the momentum to look at what I want I actually want to do creatively. Everything has been feeling cloudy lately, but I can feel the fog lifting :)