Friday, December 3, 2010

Help Wanted: December Views

Where are the elves when you need them?

Must keep working on holiday projects ... send chocolate ...


  1. oh, i FEEL that....large parcel of choccie heading your way...


  2. ps. i'm beginning to think the elves are wretched little slackers....:P

  3. Just one question.. dark or milk?


  4. Ok, so I had to Google gastritis, and I see the main cause is excessive alcohol consumption. So yeah, Moosie... get off the sauce!

    Kidding :) Healing tummy thoughts from me and all the fur babies. And that's a lot of thoughts, cause I have a house full!

    And yes! Let's do a postcard swap :) Erm, after the holidays? Sadly I'm a bit backed up on paintings. Perhaps I need painting elves!

  5. I'm sure you are doing all kinds of wonderful, creative things. I'm finding excuses not to do -- like blog hopping. I'm sending dark chocolate!

  6. Dear Lis-I have been thinking of you because...there are yoga studios on every block over here!! So sorry that you are immersed in the cold weather...but I am Canadaian and what can i say...I LOVE cold and snow and bundling up and outdoor fires and scarves and mitts ...It doesn't feel like Xmas over here...but it is beautiful so no complaints!
    I love how your sewing projects are evolving...what is it that you are working on? Whatever it is...I am sure it is just beautiful. sending you so much love and sunshine. Oh!! and chocolates too!xxx

  7. Ooh, that selection of fabrics is absolutely yummy, Lis! I have been in a state of high deadline alert for weeks now, so know how you're feeling. Hope you get everything you need to do finished in time for Christmas. x

  8. that fabric pattern looks lovely. can't wait to see the end result.

  9. Sorry I haven't been by in a while but as usual, you delight me with your lovely pictures and sense of humor. I hope you'll share the final product of what you're making here - looks gorgeous!

    Much love to you, Cowgirl & the whole fam!

    P.S. I have a quick pic of my "creative nest" being built at my blog and I think you'd like to see a certain pooch that's found a home there. :)


  10. Good luck with those holiday projects!!! I wrote about the incredible art card I received and also have a few pics of the projects going on on the table over which it sits now :)

    happy holidays!

  11. and that looks like beautiful work that can't be rushed. just stick with it. the receivers of your gifts are going to be so happy!!