Wednesday, December 1, 2010

holiday countdown: december views

Priorities ... priorities ...

time to say less and create more. and time to be present, be here, be aware of the gifts of this season.

care to join me?

(today's theme: waiting & hoping. Moose dog has been at the vet's for 8 1/2 hours now undergoing tests as he still is not keeping food down. Not only am I hoping he is okay, but I am hoping to find a Santa who will let me crawl up on his lap and give me a Visa cash card to pay for the bill. I've been a very good girl Santa!)


  1. oh dear...poor Mr.Moose....sending some healing light his way...

    i'm very tempted to do this December views thing...

    i'll decide tomorrow..too tired to think right now. lol


  2. hope your pup feels better.. love the title of your blog..

  3. Sending love, positive thoughts and Reiki Moose's way! December views looks interesting!

  4. Oh Moose, still not feeling well? :( Blackadder Bunny demands a Moose update! Be well, sweet Moosie. You are in our thoughts and prayers.