Wednesday, March 9, 2011

never to be forgotten ...

(a little end of winter madness ...)

dear lis - i wonder where you are? i sit waiting, eager for your touch, your gaze ... i long to purr and hum sweet nothings into your ear and show you my magic moves ... i miss our walks together, our afternoons spent seeking sunshine and shadows, our playful games of viewfinder hide and seek ... could it be you have replaced me? tired of me? please tell me the love has not faded but is merely awaiting a new bloom ... i await your return - faithful always, your coco

Mia cara Coco -

Oh my darling! It pains me to think you would ever doubt my love, my affections! The lack is not with you, but within me and my weak spirit and dulled imagination. The eternal parade of gray and cold days has damped my enthusiasm to take pictures, to seek out splendors in a world that has seemed unspectacular lately. This is my fault, my laziness. But absence has made my heart not only grow fonder, but has strengthen my commitment to you. I ache for new adventures and I promise you today we will be together. I could no more abandon you than I could cut my eyes and my heart out and still live. Your sensitivity and attention to detail complete me like no other.

I am true to you, dearest. I promise I will not neglect you so ever again.

xo Lis

What I never want to take for granted - gray afternoons filled with games (Jungle Jive - a game where you have to perform various actions holding a balance sensitive egg that is "sleeping" unless tilted)

And always, the go-to activity for any Joy Warrior, painting play

Lately it seems all my abstractions turn into variations of a Madonna and Child ...

whereas Cowgirls paintings revolve around cars, trains, planes or in this case, a sail boat

Admittedly, I am biased, but I always prefer the freedom of her work to mine!

Dearest Coco -

I hope you now know that I can never be far from you ...

Is there a passion you would like to rekindle today? As a Joy Warrior, you cannot deny your duty to reignite it.


  1. Lis, you manage to turn a gray day into great fun and creativity! Love the love letters! BTW, you can come visit anytime. Joy Warrior Gina

  2. (Big Girl Camera looks forward to hanging out with Coco this Fall!!)

    Beautiful. Beautiful. Beautiful.

  3. like watching a touching movie, i am rooting for you and coco to reunite soon. there seems to be so much magic in your relationship and it is obvious you need each other to be your best selves. spring is on its way, bringing magic and inspiration....

  4. I would like to re-ignite my dream fires. They have seemed so far away lately and all my hard work to make them more tangible seems to have been fruitless. This late part of the winter has been cruel, oh so cruel and relentless. Will we ever see plant life poking up through the earth again? I am ashamed at the resentment I feel toward people who live without snow, or at least minimal, short-lived snow. Every glimmer of hope gets trod on again and again by what seem like impossible hurdles and things that will never change. But I KNOW in my head and my heart that everything changes, everything. Sometimes patience is not my strong suit. Thanks for your own honesty.

  5. I love how your passion always shine through,even on the dreariest end of winter days!My answer: Horses!Horses!Horses! :)