Friday, March 18, 2011

writing fun (how i describe me)

Excuse me ... you'll have to speak up, I have trouble hearing over all the voices in my head ... Have we met before? Because you look familiar and I am terrible with names ... but somehow I became the collective memory of my family, the keeper of all secrets, the street sweeper puttering along at the end of the parade, tidying up the messes ...

I am Alice's White Rabbit perpetually late and leaving a trail of breadcrumbs in my wake ... I am a snake obsessively shedding my skin - devotion or compulsive behavior? I don't know which ... I am prairie fields vast and still, infinite in subtle tones of gold and brown; I am prairie fields whipped wide [i meant to write wild, but there it is] by the sudden storms that inevitably pop up when conditions become extreme ...

I am dangerous when threatened and the one who often threatens myself is me ... I thrash and I crash ... I've been broken but I believe ... my knees are bloodied by prayer ... I cry when I laugh ... I slobber when I cry ...

I journey in deep, touch my vulnerable self and try my best to love her ... I am curiosity and the cat, but hopefully I have 8 lives to go ... I am love all sloppy and extreme, a puppy that cannot help itself ... I am whomever I choose to be in this moment and funny, I still choose me.

So, tell me something about you ...

(This was an exercise for the amazing course I am currently in - The Stories You'll Tell. I have been repeatedly shocked by the words and images tumbling out from my imagination. Each exercise I wonder how will I dredge up something original but the prompts, the guidance, and the feedback from Natasha have unleashed a torrent of ideas. And I am enjoying the simplicity of a writing practice: just me, a cup of tea, my favorite medium point blue ball point pen - una penna italiana molto bella - and the page.)


  1. Wow, you're all that and a bag of chips! I do love your photo self portraits, isn't it funny how different we look at the camera when we are the photographer? I love how you allow yourself to go deep in, acknowledge the good and gentle parts of yourself as well as the parts blown open. Sweet.

  2. beautiful Lis! you have much poetry in you!

  3. Love this flow of imagery conjured by the best tools of the trade- pen&paper! ;)

  4. Beautiful, Lis! Seriously, you never cease to amaze me. And that writing course sounds dreamy! I have some news to share with you that has to do with Fearless Painting! Sending you a FB message soon :)

    And by the way, this line: "I am a snake obsessively shedding my skin - devotion or compulsive behavior?" Just LOVE that.


  5. what a poignant description of yourself - reflective, inviting, honest and oh-so real. i wish we could go on a long walk together and chat.

  6. YOU are so incredibly are a poem, a song, laughter, love, darkness, light, an ocean wave, a hammock, wings of a bird and starlight to me. I love what you wrote and have been are setting my world on fire each day and deepening my own thought process and writing and life JUST by being who you are right now in this moment xoxox