Wednesday, March 16, 2011

wednesday ... stranded by life

I had one of those days when i thought my head was going to explode ...

nothing for it but to breathe, try to find my center, look for my center yet again ...

and then play ...

I guess if I was stranded on a desert island, Photo Shop would keep me amused for quite some time ...

(Where is the gray hair correction brush on the tool bar menu?)


  1. Would it make you feel better if I described Evan's diaper in detail. He's been sick since Saturday and this one left me scrubbing the floor with carpet cleaner. Enough said, right?

    The pictures are beautiful; even the gray hair is beautiful. I love and appreciate that you write about the ups AND downs of life. Of course, I wish that you return to something happier soon!

  2. oh Lis, I love this! the last comment... too perfect my friend, just too perfect! here is a hug for your day. despite the crazies, you find the beauty and joy! you are fearless!

  3. I have just stumbled upon your blog - what a magnificent place it is too - this pic and comment made me roar with laughter - just wonderful - my hair always had a life of it's own, deciding in my early thirties to go completely white - i live with it ;)

  4. Lis, You have a wonderful Blog. I see some familiar things here for the past two weeks :)
    I look for the grey hair correction tool on Photoshop ha ha. See you Monday on Stories.