Tuesday, June 21, 2011

la dolce vita

So I am sneaky ... while things seemed to be "normal" here last week, I was not actually here. And now I am back and feeling still and quiet and realizing there are changes to be made. Or rather, a letting go of old habits and cultivating a slower, more engaged mode of being. One less cluttered with distractions. Allowing space for the sweetness of life to come alive.

Where does one go when wanting to learn how to savor the juice of life?

Of course, bella Italia.

For one week, this was my dining room, reading nook and painting studio:

My recipe for retreat includes plenty of gelato:

and wine:

Lots of scenery

and even more time to relax and enjoy what truly matters.

I was unplugged for a week and I did not miss a thing. I had been craving spaciousness in my life and it was easy to find once I quit rushing, grasping, doing and just leaned back and let life come to me. Una pausa di piacere - a pleasurable break - that shall be my guiding principle this summer.

More will be coming but for now, I am still strolling through the Tuscan hills in my daydreams. Gelato withdrawl is a bitch. And Cowgirl and I have more adventures coming this weekend so expect some photo journeys in the coming weeks. Heavy on ambiance, light on words.


  1. I hate to be the one to tell you this, but your next trip will most likely NOT be a pleasurable "break". If it's anything like last year it will be lots of fun, emotions, and work crammed into 2.5 days. It will be pleasurable, it will be memorable, but it will not be a break. Did I mention we're leaving our house at 7:30am Friday morning. Maybe I just need to adjust my attitude or squeeze in a quick trip to Italy. There will be wine, though, and American made gelato- maybe some cupcakes if need them :)
    Can't wait to see you!! Can't wait to see more pictures from Italy!

  2. oooh so beautiful for you!
    and i snorted out loud, luckily no tea in mouth at that particular moment, when i read about your gelato withdrawl :o)
    welcome home! missed you!

  3. WOOT! It's amazing you did any posting at all between the gelato, wine and pizza. Ahhhhh, I will live vicariously through your postings. Italy has always been a goal for me to get to. Not enough space here to write about all the amazing things. Slowing down, unplugging - it's amazing when we actually devote ourselves to that how much we don't miss. I can still remember life before internet (oh yes, it's true).

  4. oh, lis, it looks like a wonderful trip!!! do you just look at your photos and even believe you were really there? :-) i can't wait to hear more about your magical week.

  5. Oh it looks wonderful and I bet the food was fabulous too. I'd love some gelato right now..

  6. I love the way you live your life with such a deep commitment to your spiritual principles. I love the way your art is reflective of your life
    You are a teacher in this for me.
    I have been spending this year focused on a project that has required diligence and discipline and unwavering commitment and takes me out of my own life and deep into an imaginary one. The purpose was to speak up. One of my ways of recharging my commitment to speak my truth has been to come here and bask in your beautiful reflective light. Thank you for being so present to your own. It is encouraging.

  7. italy has a way of moving into your heart. have lived here 6 yrs now and still pinch myself. they know how to savor and celebrate life here. came over here from pixie's site - great blog! warmly, s

  8. Welcome back sweet one. Can't wait to hear all about your trip..


  9. Beautiful,magical,inspiring!Miss you-

  10. Lis - Yay! I can finally post a comment. I have been wanting to forever and blogger was acting up. I am so happy that you were in bella Italia. Your posts and pictures have reminded me of my times in Italia. They truly do know how to live the good life. I hope that you can hold on to that slowness, goodness and passion for a long while. Thank you for sharing!! - mandy :)