Wednesday, June 8, 2011

my dear heart


Each time the seed was planted,
my heart expanded to hold the hope;
then blood and grief
eroding faith,
establishing the betrayal
of my body.

What I didn't understand
was the womb is not the seat
of creation;
what felt like the destruction
of my heart
was in fact
its preparation.

Miao Liang
Even your name
means excellent seedling.

This week's theme for 52 Photos Project is a heart. I love taking pictures of hearts and was tempted to dig into my stash of images, but how could I resist the excuse to shoot a few new ones? And then I received feedback for the above poem in my email inbox and it seems like confirmation of my impulse to rest in the embrace of my own heart, seeking counsel and comfort.

As if that isn't enough, my morning reading had this line that jumped out at me: "We need only somehow to increase our capacity to love - because we do not live in what we think; we live in what we love." (Eknath Easwaran)

What inhabits your heart today? Can you soften around all that your heart holds and discover there is always room for more?

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  1. very touching. the human heart is always expanding and continues to teach us that love can never be definitive.

  2. Oh my ~ such a beautiful poem! Lovely photos, too! I'd love to have that necklace. :)

  3. Lovely poem Lis. I have a heart necklace I wear everyday. It has carved into it the words "Follow Your Heart". It became my mantra after I recovered from cancer last year. Its how I choose to live my life now. Thank you for such a beautiful post.

  4. Love your poem and new pics. Love your post.

    P.S. I've been having problems with blogger too.

  5. Oh, this is so beautiful and powerful! Thank you for sharing:)

  6. My heart hurts a little - the kind of hurt that begs for a letting go and uncomfortable growth - but it has so much love to give...I'm sending love to you as you always inspire me and move me to magic...your photos and your words touched my soul.

  7. oh that quote is amazing and SO apt - thank you, just what I needed to hear right now indeed. :)


  8. Your feral self is more than evident in this poem! For how else to access the deepest pain and find our hearts healed?

  9. "we do not live in what we think; we live in what we love."

    oh, that's a good one.

    p.s, commenting is helped by using another browser other than IE.

  10. isn't it amazing, how just when we think our heart cannot possible expand any bigger, there it goes!! love this!

    love your photos, your *feral* poetry {grin}, you, your girl... sweetness.

  11. Gorgeous pictures and wonderful words.
    Love from Eva

  12. LOVE your written HEARTful words

  13. Oh Lis I am truly in love with your words today. Thank you for sharing from the heart, your photos are perfect and your words are even more perfect. So glad we have met through 52 Photos!

  14. Lovely Lis, what a striking, powerful poem. You have such a stunning way with words. I thought you would enjoy the heart theme too :)

  15. i love heart pictures too- and there always seem to be alot of them around. :)

  16. Love this post Lis, everything about it