Friday, June 17, 2011

welcome visitors

Instructions for living a life:
Pay attention.
Be astonished.
Tell about it.
- Mary Oliver

I am welcoming my teachers with open arms:

Aine - Celtic goddess of love and light, transformed into a fairy queen when the old ways were driven out of Ireland, she represents for me survival. She is a summer goddess, evoking fertility and the continuing power of magical ways which are available to those with a heart willing to accept and believe in its own power.

I have to confess: this season of unsettled weather has had me on edge. Seeking some sense of control, I gathered favorite herbs, mixed them in a bowl while singing a yoga chant of protection and then headed out to the fairy circle in the back of our yard. There, I offered my prayer for protection while also acknowledging the power and the gifts of nature. I thanked the fairies for all they do and then walked the perimeter of our yard singing my song and bringing into my heart the blessings of my home and all the life - the birds, animals, plants, and insects as well as the earth and air deities - who share this space with my family. Having acknowledged the gifts received, I do feel more at ease with whatever happens.

Moth - A recent visitor, although now I am seeing moth everywhere. I pulled the Moth card and that day went into work and rescued a moth from my office. A day later, I got out of my car and found a pure white moth lying on the ground. Nocturnal by nature, moth represents intuitive knowing over intellectual understanding. For me the gift of moth is understanding that we always move towards the light. My actions may be less than skillful, but the intention, the faith and the determination are always there.

- While hawk is one of my main totem guides, mouse - like rabbit - is a necessary companion. Hawk represents a more spacious awareness or presence, useful for someone like me who gets bogged down by details, momentary distractions and discomforts. But it is necessary for me to return to what is causing me anxiety, to explore it more intimately, closely so that I might understand what rests underneath it all. Mouse is about paying attention to what is right before me and giving my full attention to the details of my life. And then knowing when it is best to return to my hole and take refuge, allowing the wider perspective of hawk to help fill in my experience, my understanding of what is true in my life.

If you cannot find the truth right where you are, where else do you expect to find it? - Master Dogen

What is astonishing you today? What visitors come bearing gifts? Let's share the bounty of our experience.


  1. Happy Friday to you, Lis! I love your moth! And what you said about it, "For me the gift of moth is understanding that we always move towards the light. My actions may be less than skillful, but the intention, the faith and the determination are always there." I like the idea that we are all moving towards the light, even when we feel otherwise :)

    I have a bit of sad news to pass on - I know you were one of Honey Bear's big fans. She went to the land of eternal sunshine, dogs walks, hugs and kisses on Wednesday, June 8. I posted some pictures of her on my blog a few days ago. I needed a little time to process it before I was able to break the news. We are sad but happy we got to spend her 2.5 bonus years on the planet having a whole lot of fun.

    Well, sorry to post this sad news, but I wanted to let you know. I resonated a lot with your animal wisdom post because I am definitely in a space of awe at how wise and wonderful animals are and how much they can teach us about ourselves.

    Much love to you! I swear, I will be back in full force once I go through my major event in July! Can't wait to be a regular again! :0

  2. that question, what is astonishing me today? oye. kinda floored me. do i EVER see life like that? not often enough it seems.

    well. okay. i pondered it for a moment. the little itty bitty baby squirrel in the pine tree outside our bedroom window this morning. a little too early for my tastes, but oh my stars, SO cute!

    will be queuing this question more often for pondering!

    thank you dear sister!

  3. Love the beautiful wisdom I always find here:) What is astonishing me today is how those landmark dates one anticipates/fears actually come and pass and fade away. Today is one of those days and I will love being on the other side of it:) My totem guides will be with me today - thank you for reminding me of their helpful presence. Have a beautiful weekend!

  4. ah, so great that your ritual brought you ease.
    it is good to acknowledge our teachers, guides, totems, path-showers, sentinels.

    my new one is a feral cat.

  5. i kept wonderin why i never heard from you (in reader)... lost your sub! am back.
    also, the Bohemian Shadows blog is closed (on your blog list so link goes nowhere), now at Bohemian Twilight :)

  6. Magical post!
    I am feeling astonished by the strength of the wind & because of the drought where we live, my eyes have grown wide eyed at the sturdiness of the plants & trees around here!I wish I had even a fraction of their determination.
    Blessings of Aine-