Tuesday, September 6, 2011

No words for this ... but we must speak out ...

My dear friend Soraya is offering a giveaway of one of her art prints on her blog as part of her efforts to raise awareness and gather names for a petition in protest of the continuing genocide of women.

It is hard to wrap one's mind around this fact. In India and China the number of girls are aborted or killed is greater than the number of baby girls born in the U.S. The practice of killing an unwanted female child stretches back throughout history ... and it continues into the present day.

It's a Girl Documentary Film - official trailer

The United Nations estimates that over 200 million girls are missing due to sex selective murder. I recently read Xinran's book Message from an Unknown Chinese Mother which outlines the cultural, political and economic pressures that lead women to the heartbreaking decision to give up their children. Even more difficult to swallow are the stories of female babies killed upon birth because the family wanted/needed a male child.

As unthinkable as it is, we must understand these realities in order effect any positive change. Please visit Soraya's blog for more information on what you can do to speak out for those who voices have been silenced.


  1. I posted this to my facebook page. It is unthinkable... and yet my belief is the more we share information such as this, the more consciousness we raise... the more hope we create via collective work to save these women-to-be.

  2. Dear Lis-thank you so much for writing this post. It really is unbelievable and...heartbreaking to think of. I agree with you...we have to speak up about the unspeakable. xxx

  3. Lis, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this. I am so choked up right now, my throat literally tight. I am on my way to her blog, to listen, to learn, to share.