Friday, September 23, 2011

lingering (Squam memories)

prayer bundles made by our cabin

While I've returned home and hit the ground running (Cowgirl's birthday is on Sunday and tomorrow is the party with all of her friends + my mom gets out of rehab next week) in my mind I'm still in the woods.

Care to linger with me?

Suzy, here is the proof of your early morning swim - before the rain!

Missing these people:

Suzy and Karen

Brandi & Daniel

Sarah and Ada

bonus! got to meet Em at the art fair

Definitely the world between worlds ... I mean, the mushrooms were crazy beautiful! We were surrounded by fairy folk!

Lots of space and time to sink deep within:

And to answer Kerry's question: yes, I did swim in the lake - twice! It was cold but refreshing. Frog medicine for sure. I did not go in the dark so I was wearing my granny bathing suit. Perhaps next year we can take another moonlight dip? (Missed you my friend!)

Clues and hints were scattered throughout the woods that weekend:

And I still have to unpack my paintings and supplies ... but I am resting in the lingering moments for the time being.


  1. looks so incredibly scrumptious!!!
    can't wait to see you in less than a week!

  2. Thank you for sharing your experience! Loved all the photos, especially the last one! You are an amazing light to so many!

  3. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful glimpses into your Squam experience. It was so fun to picture you all there! Amazing how long Squam's effect resonates in one's heart - it's still going in mine:) And my cabinmates were a huge part of that - amazing women all of you!

  4. Yes! Let's linger! Loving this post. Well except for the blurry pictures... because I'm pretty sure those are the ones I took. Sorry :( Need to work on my fancy camera skills, just as soon as I get a fancy camera!

    Missing you too, so so much.
    ~Brandi Marie

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  6. Oh my lovely Lis, I am so glad for your special time. I can see you blossoming and glowing in every picture. I love that you have photos of yourself with my favourite people ( and I am just a leeeetle bit jealous of the shots of Jen and Pixie as they are so high up on my admire list). You and I really do need to meet for reals one day xxxxxxx