Friday, December 9, 2011

it's really bad when ...

... I dissolve into tears before the Walgreen's pharmacy clerk.

Actually, I knew things were headed down a dark road when I found myself eating cold cereal for supper a few nights back. And really REALLY OFF when The Husband declared his intention to have cold cereal the same night (unaware of my Dickensian dinner) and I told him he couldn't because there wasn't enough milk for breakfast.

I lived on cold cereal as a kid. I probably ate more cereal than any other food item as I was a picky eater and my mother didn't have the fortitude to challenge me. Water goes around the rock and milk flowed liberally into a bowl of Frosted Flakes or Cocoa Puffs.

Given my overindulgence in the flake food group, I rarely eat cereal as an adult. To decide upon cereal as a viable option for my evening meal is a sign of total decline in spirit, imagination, energy and self worth. My father often ate cold cereal for supper. He would state his intentions with the subtext being "no one really cares enough to cook me a dinner so I must settle for this." Sitting at the kitchen island eating Wheaties in the fading light, I was aware things were spiraling downwards.

I don't know if I have a sinus infection or a dental problem, but I have had a low, dull headache and irritation in the upper part of my mouth for the better part of a week. My tendency is to ignore discomfort and hope it wanders away. But today I accepted defeat and went to see the doctor. Of course, she couldn't see if there is anything wrong with my sinuses so I am to take an antibiotic and if afterwards I still feel bad, then I need to see the dentist.

By now, all I can think about is my head - or more exactly the left side of my head which is feeling progressively number and achier with each passing minute. (Did I mention that while I avoid going to the doctor, I do not avoid worrying about the multitude things that could be wrong with me ... much like I worry about my car whenever a new noise becomes apparent.) I wanted relief and eagerly arrived at Walgreen's for the possibility of relief that is my prescription.

Of course, the clerk informed me there was nothing in the system for me. He proceeded to tell me I hadn't received anything from that location in over a year and a half - basically implying I was woefully misguided, as if I were Miss Havisham arriving to collect her wedding invitations. I told him indeed that was the last time I needed a prescription filled. He then searched the general database and no, nothing for me anywhere.

At this point hot and bothered - bundled in woolens, down jacket and purse bearing down upon shoulders weakened by holiday fatigue and woe - I started to crumble. "Can you call my doctor's office?" Of course I didn't have the phone number in my cell phone. I could barely remember the name of the location and for a moment I couldn't even remember the doctor's name.

I mean, it had been over a year and a half, right?

That is when the tears started to roll ...

He gave me the number and I tried calling only to be told the doctor was now at lunch and I would have to wait until she got back in to straighten things out. Clutching my cellphone with snot (hopefully infected) dribbling out my nose, I waddled out of Walgreen's and now am home waiting for a call back.

And that is my holiday wish: that my sinuses that are the cause of my general malaise and discontent and not a decaying tooth which would have to wait until Monday to be seen by my dentist. Oh, and that the doctor will call back sometime today? I mean, when I finally decide I need to see a doctor then know I damn well want my drugs - NOW! (I've been waiting now for over 2 1/2 hours ... still no call.)

All of which is to say ... I am proceeding one step at a time. Head down, just inch forward - pause - repeat. Oh, and it's been snowing here which is really lovely but adding to my headache and fatigue as I gingerly make my way about on icy sidewalks to walk the dog and then crawl into my car and clutching the steering wheel creep about on slushy streets.

Thank god for online holiday shopping.

Two books I meant to mention in my review of inspiring titles are children's books but I love the message that they share about creativity and making art. They both are by Peter Reynolds and the first one is called The Dot and the second one is Ish. Cowgirl and I love both books and find they inspire us equally.

Yes, there have been pockets of inspiration ... as a reminder of better days ... some play from last weekend - my barnyard is filling up while Cowgirl is working on holiday themed pieces for school.

a very BIG pink pig

cowgirl's holiday tree with presents ... a project for her Chinese class

for some reason, in Moose's fantasy life he is French!

For a healthy dose of real inspiration, I encourage you to check out the beautiful series "The Love Gift" being offered over on Studio Margot. (I have contributed a piece that will be up sometime this month.) It is like an advent calendar of love and joy!

I may be down ... but I'm not out (just not having as much fun as my girl ... but holding out hope for the drugs ...)


  1. Oh MY!! I HOPE you are feeling better!! I can totally relate to the cereal issue. It usually signals some kind of downward motion if I pour myself a bowl!
    Moose's Dream is fabulous-
    I will run right over and check out the series on Studio Margot :)
    Sending you lots of healing thoughts-

  2. oh, my dearest you!!!

    i had to laugh a bit at the cereal thing...Savannah often eats cereal in the evenings -- perhaps this is a symptom of something. LOL. oh yeah, the fact that dinner is perpetually late....

    big love and warmth and hugs to you!! hope you get your meds sorted and they do the trick!


  3. Oh Lis, I hope you are feeling better soon. I still eat cereal but rarely for dinner, but I can understand it totally! Wishing you brighter skies on the horizon.


  4. sending healthy vibes your way, lis. hang in there! xx

  5. oh, i've been on that slide going down and knowing it - not fun! i hope you are feeling better with good drugs, lots of love and a healthy dose of holiday happiness.

  6. Just love the medical/pharmaceutical if they are there when you need them...

  7. Lis, I so know that place! Snow in December usually puts me right there... Keeping my fingers crossed that your doctor came through for you and you're feeling on the mend:)

  8. I am so sorry that you are feeling so crappy.. I can totally relate to the ignoring part. ..
    I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers and let me know when you are feeling up to a skype date.
    you are loved my friend

  9. I'm holding you tenderly in my thoughts, lovely. xo

  10. Oh Lis, sending you lots and lots of healing energy, so sorry you are feeling rubbish. Sending you a gentle hug, Milena xxx

  11. Lisa, thank you so much for the giveaway of medicine! They were such a treat to open today. I will treasure the turtle and the shell. Hoping you find some healing very soon.

  12. I love your blog and can totally relate to the whole cereal thing...laughed out loud!
    Excellent pics of your girl in the snow and the artwork - so cute!!!
    Hope you feel better soon :)
    (followed you over here from your comment on Mel's blog)