Tuesday, January 24, 2012

dragon celebration

Xin Nian Kuai Le! Happy New Year!

We're pretty excited as it is the year of the water dragon which means change. Cowgirl has been drawing - and cutting out! - dozens of dragons in preparation ...

each one is double sided - colored front AND back

Dragons are protective spirits, so we are hoping for some support and guidance as we move through the watery times ahead. Having just gone through a 500 year flood year, I am hoping this isn't a literal prediction! I guess the water aspect can signify flowing abundance or natural disasters ... kind of wildly different interpretations?

I suppose I should wear my jade bracelet for added strength and groundedness. Apparently Tigers (my sign) are to take care to not be too emotional or stubborn (yikes!) this coming year. As I am a water tiger, I guess I am to expect an "average" year although I may have a some unexpected wealth opportunities. Hmm ...

Hello, Monkey (my Cowgirl) is also warned not to be stubborn this coming year. (Ah, the center of the Tiger/Monkey conflict! We are not compatible signs; my Chinese teacher explained "In China we have a saying 'In the forest where there is no tiger, monkey can be king.'" And that explains everything!) Cowgirl is a wood monkey, so she will have to take care in the coming year (which means I will have to take care for her - and for me!)

i know, you are thinking "This child? Stubborn?" Believe me, it is so

We cleaned house (swept away all the bad luck making room for good fortune to flow in), smudged and blessed each room, hung lanterns, put out fresh flowers and then enjoyed a festive meal.

Cowgirl filled red envelopes with candy to give out to her classmates at school and we made sure her silk jacket was ready for the big day.

I've informed her that we both have to watch our stubbornness this coming year ... she wanted to know what would happen if she warned me and I didn't listen to her. She is ever ready for that mythical time when she can discipline me. I've tried to explain to her: mommies don't have any privileges worth taking away. Although I may be going about this all wrong; perhaps I can spin laundry, cleaning, grocery shopping and cooking as activities I would be shattered to be denied.

Then let me misbehave!

May all our dragons be helpful and friendly ones. And if there is any doubt, well, my teacher also informed me we can wear red underwear for extra luck and protection.

No photos available.


  1. Oh, come on, Lis! No photo?!!! I read to the end of the post and no photo?!!! Ah, mommies have no privileges worth taking away - how I nodded at that one. I love Cowgirl's dragons! They are wonderful - the lines in them and the colours. Bur darn, I realized I forgot to sweep (been avoiding the housework over here whilst I slay other dragons). I hope this year will bring change, I am ready! Happy New Year to you guys too!

  2. I meant to say "No photos of me in red panties" but I guess I wasn't being too clear. And perhaps I shouldn't be so stubborn on that point? Oh, but you see, as a red head I rarely wear red. Just a thing of mine.

  3. such beautiful dragons! thanks for sharing your celebrating with us - sounds like a great way to welcome in another year. i'm not sure what sign i am on the chinese calendar - how do i find out?

    1. there are lots of links on line so you can find out. The one I embedded is just one I stumbled upon while writing this.

  4. oh my gawd....i just made the tremendous mistake of checking out my Chinese horoscope. basically, i think it would be best if i never left the house this year....LOL. Just knowing that i'm a weak yang fire pig was enough to set the tone for my day.... "Extra careful" of WHAT?!?!)

    LOVe C-girl's dragons....they're brilliant....

    happy, happy new year to you!!!

    (Laurie -- click on the link that Lis left attached to 'this coming year' -- it'll take you to the Dragon horoscopes)


    1. Oh, I think you have a character for a story here ... "weak yang fire pig" is just too good to leave alone!

      I know, some of the predictions are a little unsettling (natural disasters?!) although I guess being warned to be mindful is helpful I suppose. And my tiger year wasn't suppose to be smooth sailing, but it turned out fine. Still ... the whole "don't be stubborn" advice for me and Cowgirl has me worried because we both must have STRONG Yang Pig in our moons! xo

  5. Lis - you are fantastic! What a great post - I love the photos and your sharing the different meanings of the Chinese Astrology/Horoscope - and what's ahead for us in 2012. I brought out my little brass Chinese Dragon - in honor of this year - he is sitting near our family photos - may this year be one of all good things for us all! :) xo

  6. Wow, this sent me on a mission to find out if I am a weak or strong wood rabbit (I guess I am a strong one, so I will have a so-so year instead of a bad one :)). In my quest to find out if I am a strong or weak wood rabbit, I entered in my birthday on some site that basically told me that luck was with me till I was about 13 years old and won't return again till I am in my 70's! How cruel! I am going to have to stock up on red undies for the next 4 decades or so, I guess :)


  7. ~red undies...may have to purchase some!!! lis...i love this post and look forward to reading horoscope now...happy new year to you and your family...she is fortunate to have you to honor and celebrate such with her...a beautiful day filled with such magical creations...i adore her dragons!!! may you both have moments of flexibility and compromise this coming year...stubborness kind of runs in our family as well or as i like to refer to it as headstrong!

    "mommies don't have any privileges worth taking away"

    this may become my new motto at home!!! be well my dear friend...much love light and blessings shining brightly upon you and yours...off to read about my horoscope...fingers crossed ; ) ~

  8. "mommies don't have any privileges worth taking away". I'm still laughing at this 12 hours later. (or maybe I'm crying with the sad truth of it!)

  9. Thanks for this great post and link to find out that this strong yin earth monkey is destined to have a Best year! I knew that already, since I'll be seeing you in September!