Monday, January 16, 2012

Eight Days a Week

After a languorous Winter holidays, returning to business as usual has been exhausting. I am attempting healthful habits such as rising at 5:30 am to do some yoga and meditation which means I shouldn't be vexed (but I am) that by 8:30 at night this girl is ready for a tuck in and a story.

Which isn't to say that I haven't also felt mellow and slow moving like a crust of ice has me held in some kind of mental stasis but I can tell deep, deep within much is gurgling and moving.

this is beet and apple juice - i couldn't resist this shot in the bright sunlight. it certainly looks like it should give me an internal jolt of something!

I've been settling into some good habits like dusting off the Juice Man and imbibing in some energy-filled tonics. Although, truth be told, perhaps I am needing an elixir more in line with the Baldwin Sisters' Recipe?

I am loving the return to a daily photo taking practice which has infused a level of mindfulness and attention that I've experienced in meditation retreats. I am finding that by practicing deep looking, the internal chatter shuts down. I am finding myself less verbal and more often in day-dreamy mode. Which is lovely when one has time for creative endeavors; but the busyness of family and work have left me feeling tugged in two directions.

But it's a new year and how's this for a new perspective? I am surrendering to the experience and moving with the flow which is at times turbulent and jarring and then it smooths out and is relaxing and magical in a golden-light-at-the-end-of-the-day kind of way.

So here's what I've been up to which I realize pretty much boils down to attempting to capture memories in a jar. Or rather, a camera.

So many details to share ... I will do my best to swing by and fill you in on all the excitement! I am off to unravel two knitting projects that went awry in my exhausted state. Ripping out hours of work puts a whole new spin on the notion of unraveling oneself. Life lessons lurking everywhere.


  1. love your joy necklace - a perfect reminder of what makes each day worth the breaths.

  2. i feel a bit as if i too am wondering through the murk joy seeking through the murk, friend

  3. beautiful!!!!!! I started meditating some time around October. What kinds of meditations do you do? I actually found a site online that has guided ones I have liked a lot (I do better with guidance!). I like them because they range between 8-12 minutes, and it helps me to do short chunks. Anyway, the site is if you are interested.

    BTW, thanks for your comments about surrendering to the painting! I am surrendering and it's turning out interesting (ahem, a little weird!) hahah :) have a great day!


  4. Love the shot of the beet juice! Hehe I made a beet,carrot,pear juice the other day and it was sooooo dangerously purple/red, I drank it over the sink! :) You always inspire me to keep my eyes wide open to the moment. Thank you!!!!!

  5. Hi Lis - I love the shell and heart and your sweet daughter's face in the mirror...oh the life lessons! it's so amazing to have a foot in both worlds - meditative/spiritual and the day-to-day! Sometimes I crave the mountaintop but most days I revel in the daily flow - and perhaps imbibe in a sip or two of 'the recipe' !! :) xo

  6. Your mention of the Baldwin Sisters' elixir made me laugh out loud :) Oh how I loved that show to pieces. And I know what you mean about unravelling the knitting - am learning a lot of knitting lessons at the moment- oh the wisdom of the wool!