Tuesday, January 3, 2012

So far, so good ...

My year so far

Began a new journal ... a 5 year journal (yikes!) where you write just a line or two for the day and each page has space for 5 January firsts. If I stick with it, I will be writing entries for both my 50th and 51st birthdays. Yikes!

Are you ready to play some UNO ... Roboto style? Cowgirl is an avid UNO card playing fan and we are having fun with this little guy. You record your name into his belly and then sporadically he will issue commands or challenges which mixes up an already mixed up game. We have fun recording our nick names ... for some reason our voices sound like 4 year old munchkins which makes it all even more absurd (especially as Cowgirl likes to give me names like "Big Mama".)

And after a luxurious winter break, we all headed back to school today. Which means back to our routines and an eager face greeting me as soon as I walk in the door.

Speaking of routines ... I'm attempting another photographic 365 challenge with my Unraveling buddies. I'm also in Susannah's Photo Meditations class, am loving Effy's Book of Days and am contemplating Em's journal challenge.

Did I say something about Clarity and Simplicity?

If I had to choose one intention for the coming year, it would be to live life this way

From my dreamboard for "Radiant Me" ... I may or may not wear purple when I am older, but I definitely want to be "having a good squeeze of life" like this woman. Now that is how to be a true Joy Warrior. Will you join me? (Just be warned: when I go sledding I scream - very loudly and all-the-way-down.)


  1. hey big mama, you seem to be living a full, glorious life even in the routine stages. :-) here's to knowing your travel through 2012 will be referred to as "quite a ride." yay - i can't wait to hear all about it.

  2. Here's to a wonderful joy-filled - ride through 2012 for you and those you love - the classes sound wonderful - I too have slightly 'over booked' my days with classes at the start of this new year! :) but hey - that's what we 'joy warriors' do - hugs, Beth
    ps - I scream really loudly too - even on the bunny hill! ;-)

  3. Happy New Year! There's something to be said for routine, even though I'm still grieving the end of vacation. Trying to get going on Book of Days before there's too much juicy stuff to even be able to catch up on. Went to the p.o. for the first time in 10 days and found a card from you! YAY! made my day! but, you sly dog, you left no return address. how will I send you some surprise joy in return??? -Karen

  4. What a ride! :) Love the photo! Love this post. And I wanted to stop by to tell you that my friend walked in my house and was instantly drawn to your goat postcard and asked about it. I told her that the great Lis made it! And I am prominently displaying it because I am a proud Capricorn :)

    Happy New Year to you! Enjoy the ride! :)

    Oh, a comment on your previous pst - you do do a hell of a lot! I am in awe of all you do - you're amazing!


  5. Lis, that 5-year journal reminds me so much of a 5-year diary I had when I was but a wee lass. It had a little brass lock on it with a key and all that the world expected of me was to summarize my day into a few lines. I think this journal is a splendid idea, a way to pull the best out of the day. Of course, there may be some days that you may fill the lines with profanity (who you, my little terrier?) or just a few words repeated over and over (like I would have done in the middle of December "too sick to write, too sick to write, too sick to write). And if my back holds up, I would love to be that granny on the sledding tube, of course my dream is to perhaps be pulled on a similar tube across an exotic beach.... And today saw the return of me back to my work routine, quite a rude awakening that was, but Riley only goes back to school next Monday (and had two pedagogical days coming up for later in January) and so next week will be the ultimate challenge in this house. Hugs to Moose who, I am sure, if feeling the pain as poignantly as you and Cowgirl.