Friday, February 3, 2012


As I used up my word quota for the week (or was it the month?) - a little visual respite is in order. Here is how I come back into my center:

dip 3


dip 4

dip 1



Am contemplating what these wise words mean to me in my life:

"The duty of privilege is absolute integrity."
- John O'Donohue

(Thank you Mel ... you always know how to calm me down and help me to re-chart my course.)

My deepest gratitude to all who trusted me enough to share the discomfort. May we find the words to ignite healing and change. We can speak and we must stand up for what our hearts tell is right. But we also must remember to turn our eyes to the beauty of this world for the inspiration to carry on.


  1. beautiful pictures, full of light and love. and marshmallows on top of a frosted cookie??!!!???? why has my son never thought of this? I see some baking in my near future....

  2. Dearest Lis-
    I just left a comment on your previous post. I am sorry it took so long :(
    The photos carry so much light & such peace in the "doing" of simple things. Thank you for sharing and keeping me on my Scorpio toes.( Mike can attest to my rage/frustration induced tears after I've encountered a story of women's suffering. My blood sugar levels will actually go up! )
    I have been filling my journal with John O'Donohue the last week or so(again). Just reading his poetic sentences brings me a sense of calm and grace.
    Have a blessed & beautiful weekend-

  3. *deep sigh*

    the magic of the ordinary things....perfect.

    yes, yes, and YES.


  4. ~look at those if that does not fill your spirit with a bit of happiness...i don't know what else could!!! did the marshmellows melt on top??? sometimes allowing our emotions to run wild and free moves us into a new space we had yet to see or in a place we have yet to soaked up all you were feeling and you are embracing where you want to be with such my friend...are a beautiful soul...much love light and blessings~

  5. First of all, how did I miss this last post of yours - how did I miss commenting on your dog's freckles ( oh how they make me miss My Old Girl...) And
    every single one of John O'Donohue's words I cherish and take to heart. And I love how you and others may discover them and put them out there so my heart can skid across them and feel the slide as I soak up his (and your) intention. Soul Sistas, we are. And it appears you have had more snow than we. And I am not really mourning that fact except, except I have bought Riley a cross country ski outfit ( part second hand, part new) and even though each of the four times we have ski-ed, we have really been pushing it. And now we find ourselves at the first week of February and part of me is dreading the possibilities that may come with a "wrath of winter yet unspoken" as, I am sure you are familiar with, the " calendar" ending of winter means little or nothing for us really winter-hearty and hardened souls. Will winter come with a vengeance any day now and last until the middle of May - this is the question on all of our local minds, such that we expect to have to suffer regularly for months on end. I, myself dream of a life without suffering (so many people to pray for this) and also for a life without feeling like we/I have to suffer for X-Y-Z reason. Have I confused you yet, because I've managed to confuse myself. Oh, my goodness, I am still coming off of a winter camping weekend with the scouts (still hoping to 'splain myself on my own blogsite for my absence... between the preparation, the actual experience and the recovery, I may be up and running by the spring equinox!!!) I am now turning my eye to the light.