Tuesday, February 7, 2012

snow day (slowing down)

We went to bed last Friday night anticipating a big snow overnight. Excitement in the Midwest is the possibility of thunderstorm. As we haven't had much of a winter season, we are were looking forward to the white stuff but more than anything I was hoping for an excuse to stay put all weekend long and just unwind.

Saturday morning we awoke to the best alarm of them all - Cowgirl arriving for some morning cuddles. I could see a glow around the curtains - that magical white haze that suggests the day is on pause. Opening the curtains we were greeted by this sight:

A good day is one where the bed never gets made because someone is lounging in it -

There is time for nurturing body (hot lemonade with honey) -

And soul (snow people = smiles)

There is ample time to feed creativity (a fun SoulCraft made for the Winter SouLodge - my mama bear mask) -

Lots of snacks (because lounging and play require much fuel)

And the perfect ending to a totally indulgent and needed day: spa time with my best girl.

This week we have a guest staying with us and he astutely observed that you cannot see where the land ends and the sky begins.

One of the reasons why I love living here - even if I have to sloughed through days like this:

I know there will be more days where I will be surrounded by wide, blue skies.

An excellent reminder that life is like that and I just need to appreciate the fog and the grey for it always brings sunshine and possibility in its wake.


  1. love how you weave together the images and the words from the experiences. beautiful! thank you. soul lodge seems to be a wonderful place. :o)

  2. beautiful, peaceful photos. We call those days, "Do What You Want" days. Love them.

  3. you make snow days sound so magical! we don't get many here in the desert. stay warm and continue to make the most of every situation (isn't that the key to a happy life?)

  4. Sometimes it is hard to explain the longing for a snow day/weekend. The kind of quiet it brings is unmatched. Your photos of the snow made me homesick! Looks like you had a magical joy warrior style time!

  5. Lis - really beautiful photos and love that you got to play! You deserve more snow days filled with laughter and bright blessings :) xo

  6. the picture of you in your mama bear mask brings the hugest grin to my face. Last winter was one relentless blizzard after another and I hoped to never see snow again once spring finally came. it seems my wish has almost come true because Massachusetts is having the mildest winter I can remember in all my years here. Never thought I'd be wishing for a snow day so badly!

  7. looks lovely..we haven't had much snow in Joisey.. i kinda miss it.