Tuesday, February 14, 2012

we ♥ u

Must be the sugar overload ...

The first serenade went a lot like Bill Withers Ain't No Sunshine (which I'm not sure how she's ever heard it, but definitely that was the melody and part of the lyric.) Naturally Cowgirl wanted to record her creation but once the camera was rolling things unraveled.

And then there was the unexpected request "Let's watch it on your blog mommy!" As if some blogging gnome is gathering all my photos and stories and madly uploading content while we sleep. Which actually would be a pretty useful thing ... leaving me more time to, well, enjoy all my goodies. I believe my coupon book includes a massage and a dragon and some painting.

Hope your Valentine's Day was as sweet as ours.


  1. Oh my GOODNESS Lis - that was SOOO CUTE!! I notice cowgirl says "ValentiMes" just like both of my kids. Her song and artwork are so beautiful. I'm just melting over here!!!!!

    Happy happy Valentine's day!!

    1. Oh wow - Valen-times ... makes TOTAL sense now, thank you wise mommy-one! I didn't catch that ... will go into her journal along with "erupted" for "interrupted" and Arty E-Doo for R2D2.

  2. happy valentimes day t you magnificent mommy you. And thanks for all the love your share.

  3. Such an abundance of love in her eyes and actions. Seeing Cowgirl in action made me swoon! These are the days, my friend!

  4. Oh the video is GORGEOUS, what a very special little girl you have there :)

  5. *swoooon*

    happy belated valentimes to you, dahlink!!

    love, love, loveity love....


  6. can she be any more adorable? oh my stars!
    happy valentines to you both! xoxo!!

  7. so sweet, she has a wonderful voice.. love her telling you to stop it..lol

  8. sweet sweet sweet

    love and light

  9. ~oh...i want to listen but my speakers are having issues...don't you just l♥ve cards from your little...the truly are the best ever!!! and those cookies...yummy...i do hope the love shared always stays with you each and everyday...happy belated valentines day...much love light and blessings~