Monday, May 14, 2012

i didn't know ... (mother's day surprises)

I didn't know ...


I was such a tuna fish fan.

I didn't know ...

when you hit 48, you start aging backwards (hey, I'll take it!)

I didn't know ...

my cooking was so appreciated (although I would appreciate anyone else cooking!) 

I didn't know ...

Twilight is now a television show.  Which means I have the books, the movies and the t.v. series yet to enjoy.

I didn't know ...

I drank that much wine but hey, if my girl says so then who am I to argue with her? I must fill my glass more often now.

I didn't know ...

We panted so much nor that it is an especially pleasurable activity.  I suppose we both breathe a little heavy and fast when enthralled by the painting muse.  I 'll try to listen more carefully next time we pull out the brushes and the paints and report back.

Just goes to show, as a mother I really have a lot to learn about myself from my girl.

but what I do know with certainty is ...

this girl loves eating her daddy's ribs 

and she loves giving presents about as much as she loves receiving them.  She makes me the best presents - ever. (I know I am a little biased ...)

It was a great mother's day.  And every year I pinch myself for it is a privilege for me to be celebrating gifts. 


  1. beautiful
    simply beautiful
    love seeing us through their eyes...♥

    Happy Mother's Day!

    love and light

  2. Oh, this is so sweet. I'm afraid you'll have to live on wine and tuna from now on ;)

  3. absolutely and tuna. hm. i shall be mindful to stock your garret with such. :)

    it always tickles me how they see us....and it just shows what a tremendous mirror they can be.

    hope you had the beautifullest mother's day. ever.


  4. Ha! Ha! I thought you were more of a scotch or whiskey drinker! It sounds like Cowgirl's teacher was fishing for information..... (!) It is a pleasure and a privilege to serve, isn't it? Maybe you could hunker down with a can of tuna, a glass of wine and watch some Twilight whilst pa(i)nting. Our children make us smile until our cheeks hurt.

  5. Soooooo sweet. Love the blue toenails and the rib eating pic!

    ps. Do you REALLY need word verification here?? Such a time waster and frustrating hurdle to jump! Just saying.RN

  6. Oh, what a fun post! How wonderful to get to see yourself through your daughter's eyes. That is an amazing gift :)

    Happy Mother's Day!!!!

  7. Lis - this is great! cheers to tuna, vampires, creativity, and the children we love. Happy Mother's Day - everyday. xo