Saturday, May 5, 2012

playtime ✻


On the last day of Flora Bowley's Bloom True workshop, she asked us to re-word a thought loop or critical chatter that may have been plaguing us during our painting process.  She suggests a similar practice in her new book Brave Intuitive Painting in the section titled Recreating Your Story. If every action has its ancestor in a thought, then I've been recreating a whole family of new thoughts -  new realities -  for myself.    Here is the freshened up speech I wrote while sitting on the lawn at the Chautauqua Institute and I've playing in my head every since: 

I joyfully and playfully embrace the unknown as an exciting adventure ...

filled with endless possibilities ...


 Today I pulled out all of my favorite art toys and played.  I made some lovely messes and met some new friends who have been patiently awaiting their time to shine on the page.

having The Best time in Mindy Lacefield's Paint Your Story ecourse

  I got paint up my arms, in my hair, and I even got paint on my toes ...

two layers of paint a la Flora-style ... more layers to come

After such undiluted fun, the only way to conclude this day was to honor the spirit of a   true Joy Warrior ...

 and enjoy a sonic fruit slushy with my favorite girl. 

 It was a very good day. 

After many years of following my heart, I now understand that the very act of pure expression does change the world.

It changes the world by changing each and every person who is brave enough to pick up a paintbrush, open themselves up to the unknown, and express themselves honestly and intuitively. It is through this kind of heartfelt expression that truths are revealed, lives transform, and new worlds are born. - Flora Bowley, Introduction, Brave Intuitive Painting

What new worlds lie waiting within your thoughts?  Do we dare to see what lies behind those doors?  Why would we ever say no? 


  1. You have no idea how happy and relaxed I feel just reading about your day!

  2. I loved this post. I love the art you are making these days.

  3. *sigh*

    most of my arty bits are packed away..i left myself my pencils and oil pastels but that's about i'm so jonesing to paint right now!!

    love, love, LOVE everything about this....your art makes me grin ridiculously and i'm hugging the image of you with paint on your toes and in your hair very close to my heart..


  4. I love your use of colours
    very beautiful and comforting

    love and light