Tuesday, October 23, 2012

October adventures

While there is much keeping me busy - InnerGlow has been all consuming - I do not want to neglect those things that feed my soul.  Last weekend it was a drive out to a favorite family farm and their make-shift pumpkin patch.  They have a playset in place for the kids and you go out into the field to gather your own pumpkins.  


This year was a good year for pumpkins but we were late in arrive so things were pretty much picked over.  Despite the slim pickings, Cowgirl wrestled up a wheelbarrow while I stood guard over our pie sized pumpkins.  A small, but acceptable haul.


Then it was off to Sonic to slake our pumpkin harvesting thirst (it turned out to be an unusually balmy October day) with happy hour fruit slushes.

Lest you think it is all fun and games here, I have been working hard on the materials for the course which - eek! - goes live on Monday.  The day after a rather grand - ahem - milestone in my life.  Let's just say, I wish I could retire now.  So here is some proof of my nose being pressed upon the grindstone:

direct link here
password: ireallyampostingthis


And since I will be an official sage on Sunday, here is my advice to anyone needing a thimble-full ... 

Always, always choose joy.  It keeps a heart young. 


  1. i love your spirit and your singing so very very much. here is to milestones, joy, and love! xoxo!

  2. You both have made my day!! :) big love to you both and namaste.....xo

  3. you are all of it and i love it all

  4. she is so beautiful!
    feeling the family joy!

    love and light

  5. That spontaneous concert was FABULOUS!! I got goosebumps from the energy of it. You two are a magical pair :)
    Ah, the pumpkin patch. My sisters go every year and I miss the ritual of it :)

  6. Happy, happy Birthday!!! (for yesterday - oops!) :-) And a huge congratulations on the course! Wow! A home retreat is suuuch a beautiful idea. You must have done so much work to bring it together, I love the feel you've created for it. I'm so excited for you. And your song made my morning - Moose on tambourine made me laugh out loud! ha ha! Genius video! Lots of love. xx