Tuesday, November 27, 2012

my holiday routine

The laziness of the Thanksgiving holiday belies the storm that is a brewin' in my mind:  now begins the wild ride to see how many gift projects I can complete in one month's time!


What I've noticed over past holiday seasons and what I've failed to rectify in any sane manner, is a natural law whereby with each passing day on the advent calender, incredibly wonderful ideas for holiday gifts manifest and I frantically attempt to achieve the unachievable.  In past years I've knit ungodly numbers of mittens and hats; sewn increasingly crazier crazy quilt-like tote bags; painted, stamped or drawn home made holiday cards; attempted baking projects well beyond the scope of a novice-can't-follow-directions baker; aspired to personalize photobooks and journals; and engaged in far too many last minute and late night crafting sessions.

I also declare each year that this year I will choose a saner path.  I will plan, I will prioritize, I will be realistic.

Yeah, right, silly me!  It is the energy of the pressure cooker which transforms kernels of ideas into a popping frenzy of possibilities and ideas.  


So here I go!  Sewing, stamping, knitting my way into this first week.


First, I will be sure to fortify myself for the long days (and nights) ahead.  Thank goodness for left-overs!

I seem to be operating in a out-of-time way (okay, call me chronically late) but I would be remiss not to mention this beautiful and free offering created by a lovely Soul Storm sister, Joanna.  It has already started, but there are still many days of goodness ahead. I cannot think of a better way to move through these magical holiday days.

30 Days of Gratitude from Joanna on Vimeo.

My gratitude, always centers on this face:

May your season be merry, bright and full of glitter and joy!  xo

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  1. what a perfect post to lead us into the holiday season. i know that i always over-commit this time of year but who can resist all the goodness that surrounds us! somehow we make the choices that need to be made and time will lead us through the next month regardless of the pace we wish to set. happy holidays to you and yours.