Friday, November 2, 2012

Hallow -Ninja-een


Feeling like the crazy-goodness of September and October crescendo-ed in this final day of October


 The evening was a bountiful one with Cowgirl and her buddy prowling the neighborhood for close to two hours! I was frozen by the end and needed a hot bath and hot water bottle to drive out the chills.  Lesson being: if you run from house to house, you stay warm.   While we were out, FrankenMoose tended to the trick or treaters who dared to brave our house.

 There was also the school costume parade and party, a highlight being a mummy-wrapping contest using toilet paper.  This was an instances when the luxury brand of t.p. is a disadvantage (it kept ripping).


Staying up the night before the party to appliqué a felt dragon onto Cowgirl's tunic reminded me that unless I want to face similar stressful conditions, I had best get started on my holiday projects ... um ... now?! (I know ... who am I kidding?  Last minute and holiday projects go together like hot cocoa and peppermint Schnapps which reminds me I need to stock up on necessary provisions to get me through the holiday season.)


But hey - look at that fire spewing dragon done without the benefit of Schnapps, wine or beer?  Perhaps I need to re-think my approach?  (You can't see the claws, but my goddess they were a challenge with the old Singer sewing machine!  You also can't see the stitch details defining the dragon scales ... oh yeah ... when I do something crazy, I go all out!)

Looking forward to some calm days, hopefully easing into the holiday season.  Meanwhile, we face temptations daily - 

Although this candy stash may be responsible for you all receiving cards, scarves, hats and other sundry crafty-wear.

Happy November!  Are you creating every day?  

Now is a good time to start as there are a slew of people to support the habit.  I just signed up and am number 710!  Go here for more details.   And now I need to do something for today's contribution ... but first, perhaps a little KitKat to get the juices flowing? 


  1. Oh how i enjoyed this post! Loved that C was a ninja! So what my P LOVES! She wanted to be a vampire and came close to looking like a girl (frilly blue shirt) with black dress pants! Loved the pics and U! Xoxo

  2. that dragon ninja costume is the best! it is still so warm down here in the desert that i have almost forgot what halloween feels like where you are! (i have lived in three of your neighboring states: colorado, wyoming and south dakota) i am right with you when it comes to procrastinating holiday projects - i'm still painting on my halloween pumpkin. :-)