Monday, January 27, 2014

Can we do it again? (Heart Offering)

I've been in the trenches.  Lucy in the chocolate factory busy with creating work to share in the upcoming 21 Secrets programYou should see my set up for making art demonstration videos.  On second thought, no you shouldn't see because the visual chaos belies the order that I trust is operating below the surface. 

Still, I have the art tubs open which is akin to Pandora opening her box (or vase as the story goes in our book on myths) of caran d'ache and derwent and liquitex and my god, the pens!   No idea what I've released but it is a colorful mess!

But there is this voice that keeps whispering in my ear ... a devil or an angel tempting me ... a call to peer out from my hermitage, adjust the leaves that are entangled in grey streaked hair, smile a less crooked smile (in the final months of invisalign braces ... they don't warn you that a side effect is diurnal bruxing so add to this visual me chattering like a squirrel) and invite some guests over.

Well, not into my home (which is cleaned and ready for the Chinese New Year ... sweeping out the bad luck to make space for good to flow in!) but into a virtual space.  Feeling the pull of another round of Heart Full Living.   

I believe I said it best a year ago:

What does my spirit crave?  Connection.

What do I want to make space for in my life? Community.

What do I need to nourish me in this season of dark and cold?  Conversation.  Deep listening. Being heard.  Hearing the truths of others. Sharing and through sharing, learning, growing, and healing.  Settling deeper into myself and embracing my truth, my story.

Last year my intention was Possibilities.  I still embrace that concept ... but adding Desire and Ease as directions on my compass means going to my edge but in a manner that respects flow rather than pushing, allowing rather than controlling, and welcoming the unexpected and the unplanned for to the conversation.

So, what do you think? Are you up for some heart full conversations? (I'm keeping the costs low - $20 -  because I want to encourage attendance but I also want there to be a commitment.)

All of the details are here.   

The video I made for the first gathering really says it all ...


password: heartfull
direct link to video here

I would love your company.  Last year's gathering went beyond the stars ... dare I say, I desire more?


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