Friday, January 17, 2014

gradual thawing (my sketchbook practice)

Some of the best things happen to me when I am busy being distracted by the little fender benders occupying the edges of in my life.  

I blame credit my new morning routine which has allowed me tiny bursts of focused attention within my day. (Thank you Mel for being such a good student by inspiring this teacher to put into action what I effortlessly preach but struggle to remember and oh my stars, how excited am I to know this is on its way to my mailbox?!)

Without really knowing it (okay, so I did suspect, but chose not to tell myself ... you know, tricking myself into this new arrangement ...) I've seemed to have carved out for myself a little practice.

All that I've struggled to implement for the past year (drawing practice, water color painting, a visual journal) seemingly falling into place ...


I know, I know beware such hubris but dare I say it, I think I am hooked?

No, I am committed to following this through in whatever form it decides to assume ... having found a few spare minutes while waiting for the evening kettle to boil, I now I can also make time to draw, sketch or paint some aspect of my day as part of a visual journal (again, thank you Mel! I love the freedom in this concept or perhaps the freedom from expectations that I associate with art journaling; instead a fresh template that I can define in any manner that suits me!) 

And having been re-inspired to haul out my pile of journals, I am in the thick of it explore the feminine through Connie Hozvicka's Painting the Feminine online workshop. (I hope she offers it again as it has been soul-saving!)  She shared with us her love of oil pastels and finally finally something clicked and I am like Augustus Gloop falling into the chocolate river in Wonkaland.  

Just pure play which is all I required to begin an early thaw even though Winter still has us in her icy grip.  But now I happily reach for a cuppa, my notebook and a pen, paints or pastels.  Within a few minutes, I find myself slipping into the spell, shedding the heaviness of the day and opening into the spaciousness of the world around me.

Nothing earth shattering and certainly not high art but my life artfully experienced and expressed and in the end, that is all I seek.

The beauty of this life ... my life ... noticed, celebrated and remembered.

How will you remember this time in your life?  I see I have a good half hour before sunset, so I am off to paint with my favorite painting partner (it's always good to have a buddy!) 

... extra eyes to see new surprises!  Happy weekend, happy play!

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