Friday, January 10, 2014

hitting the reset button ...

In countering the downward pull of Winter inertia, sometimes the only thing to do is dive right on in ...

2014 Mandala *

It takes discipline and a great deal of clarity to discern where I want to put my energy and what truly restores me (reading one of the many good books stacked by the bedside versus vegging out before the television; creative practice versus facebook chatter) and then implementing routines to support those choices.

Yes, I am putting myself to bed early (thank you dear Mel) which makes so much sense given I am winding down with Cowgirl anyway.  So now I segue from reading with her to reading my book in bed, preferably with a cuppa Sleepy Time by my side.

Then it is up early (again, thank you Mel!) for some meditation/mindfulness practice.  Easing myself into the day with candle light, smudging, and time to listen for the shy, quiet, small voices that speak the essential truths needed to fortify me for the challenges ahead. Enjoying the stillness of the day before the others are up and about.  Taking time to return to my art journals and play which is how I often stumble into the deeper matters that bang about the hallways in my grey matter.  Painting those conversations and clearing space for new ones to enter and educate me.

Don't get me wrong ... I am still set to slowwww motion ...

But finding my way back in, finding my rhythm and making the moves towards new growth, new expansion and fun projects.

Already cast on another knitting adventure (oh, the fun of felting!  You'll have to wait and see!) but a peek at completed pieces ...

My cap is Dustland pattern - super fun and easy

Cowgirl wearing slouchy version of knit hat found in Issue 8 of Taproot Magazine

So yes, change is in the air. Adventure surely will follow ...

And speaking of pigs (didn't you know that's what we are talking about now?) just a couple days left to get your name into the hat and possibly win an autographed copy of Misfits of Love by Katherine Dunn.  And the author has promised to send the winner an art card with artwork from the book!  All the details are here.

No doubt the upswing in my mood is the result of this amazing bundle of Winter Self Care goodies created by the equally talented and amazing Mandy of attualmente.  

I hardly ever win anything (I once won nurse's timer at a work sponsored Holiday party) so this was the mother lode of goodies and given my winter funk, they arrived in the nick of time!  In fact, I am off to enjoy a trifecta of treats: bath bomb, vanilla creme lotion and homemade limoncella.  Buona notte miei amici e buona fortuna!

(* My mandala madness is in preparation for my contribution to  21 Secrets Art Journaling Workshop which will be released April 1, 2014.  It is a a stellar array of artists offering techniques and ideas for creative art journaling and when you sign up, you get all 21 programs in one handy & beautiful eBook to keep and return to forever!  Sign up now for the special pre-sale discount of $89!


  1. Lis - I hear you - I've hit the reset button myself as I begin anew. what a gorgeous mandala :) hugs to you and cowgirl <3

  2. oh yes...resetting.

    screeching to a halt/sideways slide, actually....only to re-set, re-evaluate, and carry on....

    and so it goes.

    i'm envious of your knitting.

    i need to see the my hands will stop going numb, so i can knit for more than five minutes. i LOVE your hat...


  3. oh!! i'm so interested in the art journaling class!! so are you one of the teachers??!! very cool! so glad i popped over and read this blog. i want to find out more about it! :)

  4. ~may you ease into a new way of waking and savoring your day...I learned long ago if I wanted time I had to create it and so I too began waking early in morn before my love and my littles and I have to say it is the only thing {routine} that has ever stayed with me...there is beautiful silence within the darkness of the morning hours...a calm that allows your mind and your creativity to drift peacefully and quietly...your mandala is so rich and it!!! much love light and blessings~

  5. Hi Lis - I keep meaning to stop by and say hi - you and Cowgirl look beautiful! I LOVE the mandala - it's beautiful! Life is good here in California - I have a 7.75 (almost 8 month old) who is getting teeth! :) Much love, Kristen

  6. Wonderful practices in mindfulness, lovely reminders. Thanks for the shout out. I hope you continue to enjoy! xoxo