Wednesday, January 7, 2015

frozen (no, not THAT "Frozen" ...)

Trudging into the new year ... can't say I've found my rhythm yet. It continues to be cold and snowy here which has me wandering about the house thinking of all that I would like to be doing (painting, writing, playing with some new art toys) but stalled by inertia and hands tucked under armpits.  

my boot scrapper hedgehog in hibernation

Even coming here, I find myself wondering why am I sharing this? Nothing inspiring, nothing enlightening, nothing noteworthy.

my altar ... my commitment to connecting with Spirit, with the Sacred, with Nature on a regular basis

Ah, yes ... just life as it is I suppose.  I move through my days not sure what I do matters much at all but trusting somehow it all will add up to something important, useful, empowering.  It is like japa meditation. Holding my mala (strand of beads) I move one bead for each recitation of my mantra.  Sometimes I do it with real connection and engagement in the words, with the vibration of the mantra (mine is a Sanskrit mantra and Sanskrit is a vibrational language - rather than be descriptive, the word conveys meaning  through sound/vibration), but more often than not I simply going through the motions. Yet each time I perform japa, I do believe I am adding to a reserve of energy that one day will rise to support or carry me. I know because I've experienced it. It is both amazing and so ordinary.  Of course the net will appear ... when you trust fully. 

So I keep showing up ... as best I can.  Flung myself into another photo-a-day project because in all honesty, it is the best way I've found to manage memory.  Crazy as it sounds, staying at home the days blur together. Okay, perhaps that is also due to shifting hormones (a blog unto itself) but when I need to remember what I did when (or even that anything remarkable happened) I turn to either my photos or my sketch journal.  In the moment it is hard to recognize what is happening. But with even a small gap of time, I am better able to tease out the narrative elements.

life is what happens ... just over your shoulder and in the kitchen ...

Kinda like watching grass growing.  It does grow!

So consider this post a little rest stop in your day.  A moment of fluff ... or a moment of inspired nothingness to keep us connected.  Ah ... my Intention for the year ... Connection.  Like how I wove that in?

Each day one precious bead in a full strand ... I suppose my purpose here is to remember how lovely it is to simply honor and celebrate what is ... these moments with family ...

the quiet moments that are doing their work below the surface, feeding something yet to be known. 

Stay warm. Stay connected.  Let's stay in touch, okay? 



  1. As always, your post (they all do!) brings a smile as well as a warm touch to my heart! Thank you, Lisa - this time for reminding that practice is a continual thing - and not always "remarkable", at least not in the way I sometimes expect (firecrackers, burning bushes, etc.). p.s. I DID like the way you wove connection in ; )

  2. It's a practice to just trust in "the quiet moments that are doing their work below the surface, feeding something yet to be known." I'm learning. I love you!

  3. I am thinking similar thoughts, I hope that what I do has meaning. Sometimes in the details one loses sight of the big picture. I am trying to remember. I love your practices and how you did weave in your word for the year. Beautifully written. xoxo