Friday, January 9, 2015

happiness is ... (post-break edition)

 These moments together ...

It is easy to slide back into well-established grooves ... as Cowgirl gets older, she is quick to retreat to her room to listen to music, draw or read and it is easy for me to busy myself with dinner prep, the mail or any of the quotidian tasks that tend to overpower one's sense of priorities.  Slowing down helps to provide space and perspective: what really matters in this moment? A washed and sorted pile of laundry? Or the last minutes of sunlight and together time disguised as a new project?

Tomorrow we will sew our new prayer flags.  I don't believe in limiting myself to the number of prayers released into the world, do you?

No, I believe in maximizing the opportunities for giving voice to our hopes, our prayers,  and I definitely seek out opportunities to maximize more sunshine in my world. The brightest, warmest light? This smile ... it never fails to melt my heart ...

Watching her grow into the brave, trusting, adventurous girl that I first knew as a babe in my arms now skating away from me and into the world brings both happiness and no small amount of mama fear for bruised knees, bruised heart.  

But I trust in the foundation we've been building and I lean heavily upon the hope that she knows that love, comfort, support and safe haven wait for her and welcome her home. Always.

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  1. Beautiful! She is so very lucky to have you as her mom. xoxo