Wednesday, January 21, 2015

the bare minimum (in a day ... of practice)

I had to add the above parenthetical clarification alas the prudence of anticipating perverse online lurkers (I just deleted ten gibberish comments on previous posts, the work of a computer Hal, offensive only in that it makes no sense.)

What I was thinking as I caught myself about to sling-shot into my day, was that in honoring Simplicity (my walking stick for the year) I need to clarify what constitutes the bare essentials for my well-being. What am I able to commit to on a regular basis? What is the bare minimum required to keep me more or less balanced, by which I mean, not capsizing into fast moving, murky waters?

So there I was, finishing my morning levee, mind racing with the to-dos for this packed day of appointments - Yes, I have the burden of an 11 am massage and 3:30 eye doctor appointment - and I had mentally squashed a half dozen activities into the coming 2 hours when I remembered: This.

It took my breath away.  All that anticipated hustle and bustle halted by one word: This. Well, two words really. And this ...

seeking: connection & simplicity (a spoonful of wisdom from a dear friend)

My life - this, and this - the threads that will form into some sort of pattern or design. Yet who is the weaver? Who is in charge of quality control? I immediately made my way to my meditation cushion, recognizing the need for a sacred pause.  As I settled in (okay, attempted to settle ... thoughts being like wild horses, they rarely become docile in an instant) I promised myself Ten breaths. This is doable. Ten breaths focusing upon rooting, grounding, connecting. Ten breaths to gather the energy of earth and heaven, bringing that into my heart and exhaling it back out into my world. Ten breaths done with full attention, commitment, gratitude and love can make a difference in my day and that is all I really need to think about. This day and how I choose to welcome and receive it.

I confess, I have a couple of bare minimum practices that I struggle to maintain. Yet doing so makes all the difference in how I experience my life. Still sketching daily (adding color through watercolor paints is a necessary prescription to combat The Blahs brought on by January's monochrome palette) and taking one photo a day.  Because life does change in the course of one day and I am committed to paying attention. You know, not wanting to miss the miracle ;)

And speaking of magical thinking (well, I was headed there and hoping others are following me) ... 
I am happy to announce the Winner of Spectrum 2015 membership: Laurie!

I have decided to take the time to think about things before immediately saying "Yes, I'll do it!". This year, if it doesn't feel right to me, I'm going to decline even if it makes someone not happy with me. Sounds simple but I know myself well enough that if I am not constantly present and aware, I will fall back into this self-defeating bad habit.

Congratulations Laurie! And here's to honoring your boundaries, honoring the space that "no" can allow.   Oh my woman, you have created some of the most lovely zentangle spirit guides and how have I missed reading your blog? Thank goodness for Connection and rediscovering your gifts.  

Spectrum 2015 launches May 1 but there is an early bird discount registration available through the end of January, so get thee over there soon to sign up and save! 

Thank you everyone for your comments. It was inspiring to read the many ways you are choosing to show up for yourself and honor sacred care. I know I will be borrowing some of your ideas. 


  1. You are so awesome! Some days, all I can remember to do is close my eyes and remember that there is a speck of light within. January, or the perception of January, does make it difficult. You inspire me once again xoxo

  2. I feel so fortunate to participate in Spectrum this year! Thank you, Lis, for this generous offering and the opportunity to dive into something so magical.