Monday, October 25, 2010

Monday Inspiration Celebration: My world

In an average week, I do not really travel that far from my home. Well, I do commute into the city for work, but generally I hightail it right back home when I am finished. I have Fridays off and it is not uncommon for me to stay put all day puttering in the house until it is time to pick Cowgirl up from school. When she was quite little she once asked me "Can we not have such a busy day today?" So days off for both of us are often spent quietly engaged in favorite pursuits like painting, coloring, playing board games and exploring outdoors.

polaroid shot using The Impossible Project's PX 100 Silver Shade film

Sometimes my narrow perspective can feel a little stale or dull. I wonder how many shots of Cowgirl on her bike I can possibly take or whether my many flower, shrub, or tree shots of the neighborhood are really that different and noteworthy. Yet what I love about where I live is the rich variety and nuance that can be discovered when one takes the time to look really deeply and at length at a subject. So what has been inspiring me this past week is the world that is just blocks away from my golf course neighborhood: the farm land and the skies and the open spaces that still exist in this part of the country.

each of these locations is less than a mile from my house! in all three i played with textures by Kim Klassen

And now for some random inspiration:

bags inspired by project in The Artistic Mother by Shona Cole

A new tote bag made over the weekend (a gift for a friend's daughter) - I figured out how to do zigzag stitch on the sewing machine! (It required parts and setting changed - very nerve wracking!)

Cowgirl's art always inspires me! This is her and I with our friends celebrating under a rainbow.

Is there anything better than receiving some mail art? This is a postcard from one of the participants in 21 Secrets. I am organizing a mail art swap for my class - there is still plenty of time to sign up for the course. I am learning so much from the various presenters: traditional Chinese paper cutting; typography for art journaling; a cool technique utilizing tissue paper and clip art for layered journal pages and so much more.

So share links to your inspirations and/or creations. I am finding myself looking forward to Mondays just to see what everyone is up to!


  1. Me, too! Love having something to look forward to on Mondays:) Here's my response and yes, that little fellow is headed your way as soon as I make him a travelling companion!

  2. I love the antique look of your photos....almost like a painting. How great that you have farm country so nearby--lots of photo ops there I'm sure. The bag is lovely--Lis, you are so creative!

  3. Dear Lis-Let me just say how much I absolutely ADORE those pics that you took!! They really capture mood, air, light...emotions and I LOVE the drama you created. I also love the tote you made...beautiful. A few things that have been inspiring me lately...I am reading a few art books that are really great (Art + Quilt by Lyric Kinard). It is about...quilting specifically but I feel the exercises can be applied to any creative medium-it is excellent. We have less than a month to go before we fly out of here-can you say STRESSED? Big hugs xxx

  4. I am loving this Monday inspiration. Here is my Monday inspiration:
    I enjoyed a beautiful fall day at Storm King Art Center this weekend, filled with art, nature and fall colors!


  5. You might inspire me to get out my sewing machine and buy a Polaroid camera all in the same day! You are one heck of a creative person :)

    What's inspiring me now is the very first Dremel I've ever owned! Yesterday I dreamed about trying it out all day while I was at work. It was a long day and I didn't get home till 8pm or so. After dinner I wanted to play with my Dremel and it was past 9pm! :) I cut some stuff up in the kitchen though, and it was fun. I can't wait to see what this Dremel can do!

    Love the shots from where you live! And always love your pictures of yourself and Cowgirl, you two are such an amazingly adorable pair :)


    I had so much fun packaging up your print over the weekend. It's flying on over to you as we speak, so check the mailbox! :)

  6. What a glorious, uplifting post, Lis! I love your photos and your farmlands, and your texture treatments, also your tote bag and Cowgirl's rainbow! The 21 Secrets course looks great and I would be inspired to sign up for it too, but have SO much to do just now.
    PS. Haven't forgotten your email. Will write a.s.a.p.

  7. love that polaroid too-

    yes, we all need some of those non-busy days. :)

  8. Absolutely loved seeing those more rural images (and lovely editing, too!) I'm so guilty of not going further afield with my camera, I tend to stick to my neighbourhood far too much! Maybe that's why I've lost some of my motivation to take pics recently? Too much of the same thing?! Love how much colour and inspiration Cowgirl is surrounded by as she grows up. It shines through your posts. xx