Friday, May 28, 2010

Full Flower Dreaming (Dreamboard)

I absolutely loved the prompt for this month's full moon, known as the Full Flower Moon. This is a particularly powerful full moon where we are invited to dream big and envision ourselves in full bloom, our spirit bursting forth into its fullest expression. (For a really insightful discussion of the meaning around this full moon, visit Monica on Bohemian Shadows.) How to capture that was a challenge that I almost didn't take.

Yesterday was a crazy day, being Cowgirl's last regular day at her preschool (she will be attending summer school there; but in the fall will be starting kindergarten at the nearby public school.) I was unexpectedly emotional saying goodbye to teachers who have been a part of our lives for 3 years now. The school hosts a end of year picnic which meant an afternoon of cooking and baking and then a mad dash back into town to attend. Lots of good food, lots of families and kids running around the park, popsicle juice flowing, water fights ensuing ... a wonderfully mad and crazy day. But what was even more crazy was having a chance to meet this woman who not only lives in my town (although she is moving) and is an amazing photographer, but she is also collaborating with my very favorite photographer, the lovely Susannah, on an upcoming book on Polaroid photography. Such an inspiration to talk with her and learn a little bit more about her story.

Flying high just thinking about her work, and pumped up by a rich conversation with another in-process mother/writer/creative soul (Joey, are you reading this? If you had a blog I'd be linking you right now!) I came home and shot tons of photos of a very tired and dirty (but always picturesque) Cowgirl getting ready for bed. All this is a long winded way of saying: I am beginning to taste the energy of this full moon and she is big my friends!

So even though I am a day late, I got up this morning inspired to put down my thoughts on this full moon.

What I am seeing evolving in my life is connection. When I am in full flower, I am connected and connecting. Giving and receiving. Inspired by and hopefully inspiring (just sending the energy and love back out.) Drinking deeply from the well of creativity and on fire with ideas and energy; transforming my life into art and art into my life. Looking deeply, taking action. And defying gravity - notions of what is and is not possible - to arrive at a place of new possibilities, new perspectives (not to mention the playful joy of inverting oneself!) I am using more of my own images in my journal pages and it feels good to recognize I am capturing all the inspiration I could ever need from this small life of mine.

And finally, I am embracing the notion that I am finding my way. I am uncertain what form my flower will take, but I am enjoying this process. Even the notion of being lost is really just a matter of perspective. Upside down, lost is just another door leading to discovery.

There are lots of ways to make a wish these days ... go on, I dare you. What is your full flower moon telling you?


  1. I was driving across the river to pick up my husband from work last night and my jaw dropped... in a deep blue, starless sky hung a huge golden moon. Absolutely enchanting! I love your post; it's adding even more inspiration to my week :)

  2. Hi Lis, what a beautiful post. CONNECTION- it seems to be in the air. I am feeling much the same. In terms of connections, please e-mail me...... I have something for you. <3Sandy

  3. ~such a RICH post...nourishing and you have sparked great feelings within me...i have been feeling the power of her this month as well and am enjoying the energy coming from within...

    "on fire...finding my way...enjoying being lost"

    l♥♥♥ve these words...your dream board is plum full of goodness...may you remain awake...seeing all the simply beauty in yoru day to day...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

  4. I am feeling the connections too....and the energy in your dream board. Just beautiful! I love the idea of getting new perspectives by turning things around or turning yourself upside down! May you continue to fiercely blossom.

  5. What a strong dreamboard! You are ready to face the month ahead with strong intentions!
    Love your dreamboard!

  6. What a wonderful dream board post - i can very much relate to 'I am enjoying this process' - this where I am, too...or trying to be on most days. Here's to budding & blooming into full flower! Cheers from the mountain mermaid in Colorado!

  7. oh, defying gravity, LOVE that!
    the dog adds a sense of fun, which i get from you a lot.

  8. i love that you are using more of your own images in your work, I love those added layers of authenticity. I appreciate you stopping by my blog to give me encouragement. when I come here and read your words I know we are on the same page/path/trajectory :)

  9. Hi Lis-I love your dream board-it has such good radiating energy-I feel your "fierce presence" and am loving the perspective on "being lost". I also love this idea of putting our intentions out into the Universe-thanks for the inspiration:)See you in class tomorrow:)

  10. I did comment on this previously but it didn't show up. I think I mentioned how the dog picture reminds me that we all seek and find what we need from the strangest of places. Your board is strong and vivid, lovely :)