Tuesday, October 9, 2012

very over due ...

It has been two weeks since Cowgirl's birthday, and what every mother will understand (and most fathers fail to appreciate) is that while the work of the celebration is over (or in our case, celebrations as there were private moments, family gatherings and a party with ten kids - which nearly did me in by-the-way) the job is not done.

There remains the thank-you notes. 


I actually enjoy this process when I let myself off the hook for it being done in any timely manner.  I have always sent thank you's (although typing that makes me cringe as I wonder if I have forgotten someone in the past?) because truly, I am grateful for each and every thought, gift, or kindness that has been sent my way.  And I know the joy of giving is in witnessing the recipient's pleasure in being remembered and celebrated.

We are in the thick of thank you letters.  The initial wave has been individual drawing made with notes inside - these go to family and close friends; the next batch are cards decorated with a stamp I made out of a drawing Cowgirl made for the occasion.  I love its rather Medieval style dragon!

As Cowgirl has worked her way through the thank you's, I am realizing I too want to partake in this ritual of giving thanks.  

I want to extend my gratitude to each and every one of you who visit me here on Dandelion Seeds and Dreams.  The feeling I have is that you have stopped by for a chat, a quick cup of coffee, or just to check in with me and I appreciate your care and concern. Your comments feel like a refreshing breeze after an arduous trek and an encouraging smile amid the busyness of the day.  Even when you don't comment, I feel the imprint of your care lingering long after you have moved on to other places and spaces that fill your day.

It is odd to feel so connected with so many that I have never met in the flesh.  But the reality is we are connected through words, thoughts, and the sentiments of our hearts. And while you don't know all the deep corners of my heart and mind, you do know the pieces that I value and treasure above all else.  You know my loves, my dreams, and my aspirations. I am grateful for the times when you share those pieces of yourself with me. We are a band of merry joy warriors attending to our world. My heart swells to think of it.

Most of all, I want to acknowledge how you see me even when I try to hide in shadow.  By being so witnessed in this safe space of my own creating, I have learned how to gradually step out into the light and claim more of myself.  I hope that by doing so, I invite everyone here to stand firmly in their own light and heart radiance.

So for all that, and so much more, I say

Of course, Cowgirl says it best ... and with fiery dragons! 

I hope you will join me in November for my first ecourse, InnerGlow Self Care home retreat.   I am having so much fun putting the materials together, gathering up all of my most favorite practices and tips.  I can't wait to shower you will lots of nurturing care!


  1. Thank you my dear friend Lis - I see and hear you...<3

  2. Lis... you are beautiful! Thank you for this very inspiring post... as I, too, need to remember all of my thank you's!!

  3. I love the practise of sending thank you notes and applaud you for instilling this into Cowgirl. I (shamefacedly do not do this). Riley would adore that dragon stamp (dragons are on the top of the interest list over here) and the image of a band of joy warriors is too much - in every wonderful way. I would love to be a part of your e-course but right now I am running on empty with so many demands and committing to SouLodge is the one thing I can say I will do my best to do. The rest of the time is extreme self care as my world flips over and over. I am grateful for our paths crossing and sitting under the flap and other places with you. You are a stellar warrior woman whom (who?) I draw immense inspiration and support (and many laughs) with and from. (Ended that sentence with a preposition - eep!) But I know you are standing solidly enough to see this through. Aho my fellow warrior woman! One thing I learned from my recent wasp/hornet infestation is to call on the feminine warrior spirit and so this posting speaks so clearly to me. I feel like Helen Reddy incarnate - I am woman hear me roar!

  4. can't wait for our self care retreat (i have already moved into that space see... i am claiming it already) and i thank all the powers for you <3

  5. from one Merry joy warrior to another, I am just impreesed that you are sending thank yous! I was taught to do this when i was young, and I still do now. I am grateful that my mother instilled the importance of writing thank you's in me. Alot of people dont do it anymore, and I havent made my daughter do it after her last bday party, and now i feel like I wish I would have, but from now on I will, because it teaches the art of gratitiude. Thank you, for that and your beautiful post....peace.

  6. You're doing a great job raising a thoughtful, appreciative child. Good for you Lisa.

  7. Lis, this is lovely. I will remember to practice gratitude today as well. :)