Thursday, January 31, 2013

angels and snow

My week started off rocky, but as it usually happens in my weepiest moments come gentle reminders of love and care.

I like to think of it as my angels manifesting.

Now, for years I was hooked into the U2 lyric If God would send his angels, I sure could use them here right now - of course keeping my head lifted to the sky for some signs of support.  Then one day I realized my angels are the people who manifest in my life: my family and friends, certainly, but also the people who pass through my life often in seemingly random ways.  The car that lets me merge ahead of them; the check-out lady at the grocery store who remembers I buy some interesting produce; and of course people who pass through this space or who I've met in other virtual classrooms.   

So many dear angels lightening up my heavy mood with their words and remembrances.

And as if Mother Nature knew I needed to pause and center myself, she gave us a snow day yesterday! (I didn't even mind the 5:40 am phone call from the school announcing the closure ... immediately turned the alarm off and went right back to now blissful sleep!)

Time to linger over the morning tea and write back to my angels and time to go outside and discovery more winged ones fluttering about me. 

And time to receive the healing magic of long days playing, cuddling, laughing and loving.

As Charlie so famously would say:
Thank you angels!


  1. Lovely post. and a good reminder that we do have angels around us all the time. We don't get snow days in Florida, and I must admit that hurricane days typically aren't very peaceful. ;-)

  2. this post made me smile
    oh the Angels
    always ready and willing to be there for us
    little voices reminding us that we are loved and cherish

    thanks for the reminder Lis

    love and light

  3. It's so neat to see the card I sent you on your side of the world - I am so honored it was one of your angels :) Snow days sound like so much fun! I have never once in my life had a snow day, and I would love to experience one!

    Keep shining your light!

  4. Lovely. YOU are an angel yourself :)

  5. Oh, I so love this. I'm so happy to have found myself here for this beautiful reminder. XO