Friday, January 11, 2013

cozying in ❋

This morning the possibilities of the day seem shrouded in secrecy.

I walked Moose in the dark dawn mist, coming home dewy damp and steaming warm after trudging in heavy boots, snow pants and coat.

The day spreads out before me ... I hear the drone of the heat pump, the click of the coffee maker, the snores and sighs of the dog. (What burdens his soul?  Where do his dreams take him and what adventures require such snorts, yips and twitches?)

I have been in cozy-down mode.  Lots of knitting, finishing up holiday gifties and realizing there are more I want to make/send as I love the idea of being a kind of craft-crazy Robin Hood spreading wealth through the postal mail.

i finished this shawl ... the yarn was purchased pre-Cowgirl for a more complicated pattern but i welcomed simplicity into my life and followed this easy peasy pattern (i could swear i had started this only a few months ago but in the course of finding the pattern i discovered i cast on back in ... april?)

Possibilities ... possibilities ... 


Every day I wake up and feel excitement knowing that I am staying wide open to adventures and growth.  Trips are being planned. eek! ... one to New Zealand as a belated 50th wingding celebration of sisterhood; and now a family trip to a cottage somewhere - Devonshire? (ancestral stomping grounds of the Husband) Scotland? (my mother's side of the family) or Ireland? (where we honeymooned 24 1/2 years ago) Wherever we go, Cowgirl has been reassured dragons and fairies are there.

My girl who described herself in her school autobiography as skill, love, fast, happy.

yes, more knitwear completed ... girl not available to model but her stand-in from school  was very cooperative! (pix for their tongue-twister project)

Lover of dragons
Who fears spiders
Who needs shelter
Who gives friendship 

How would my autobiography read? All about Lisa: laughing, loud, eclectic, joy. Lover of love, who fears separation, who needs color & song, who gives all of her self. 

Ah, yes ...  a True Joy Warrior, Ninja mom with camera.

 If this post seems a little jumpy it is probably because I am on a water challenge which means I am constantly stopping to sip water and constantly jumping up to pee!

How's all that for a week?  And I've got more brewing for you all next week! ;)

Until then ...



  1. Wow. Wow. Wow. I am so excited about your travelling. As much of a homebody/hermit that I am, I do love adventuring off to new lands. Your first photo looked like the Scottish moors...

  2. This felt complete to me, like we'd visited and sipped tea together and got caught up.

    I adore you, Joy Warrior!

  3. ~plum full of comforting and creative goodness...your very first pic above...a dream! wise little soul your little is...i adore her words written and yours as well...i have never been good at discribing myself...might just use this as a tool for a wee bit of a creative personal discovery unfolding how i perceive myself...your knitting looks beautifully done...the color reminds me of the hands have been intertwined as well with yarn and needles at oldest was asking last night...can your hands not sit still??? i was jumping from knitting to crocheting all day long...and travels ahead...i shall live through the pictures that will come to be...i think it will be a quite year ahead for us...last year presented some unexpected travels so this year is much around here! happy sunday my friend~