Friday, January 18, 2013

my early Valentine

I am cross-posting here ... (ah, the confusion of multiple sites!) but for those of you who may not know my alter ego (no not Wonder Woman although I could do so much with  those indestructible bracelets and lasso of truth!) I have been experimenting in online offerings over here.  I think of it as my little playground ... or laboratory of dangerous thoughts? 

I have something new which is really exciting me as I am not certain What will manifest but I do know Why I am compelled to be leaping anyway.


I just feel it in my heart.  I feel and trust this intense desire to have a space to gather and share the stories of the heart, exploring the lessons and challenges of loving wide open and the power and wisdom gained by aligning ourselves with our hearts. 

My notebook is filling up with ideas. I am stepping into this flow and allowing it to carry me and damn!  it feels good! 

I love making soup.  I often have only a basic recipe in mind when I start cooking.  The intention is always to make something nourishing, tasty, warm and filling. As I add the first ingredients, other items seem to offer themselves up. Flavors, colors, tastes and textures magically come together.  Truly, the binding elements are love and magic.

Each of us is a unique ingredient necessary for a hearty bowl of love soup.  Can't you just taste it?  

I'm already bubbling with excitement ... must be careful not to boil over!

All the details are here.

Further enticement (2 minute love letter): 

password: heartfull 
direct link to video here

I promise to return to regularly scheduled programming next week :) Lots to share regarding monopoly games, knitting adventures, painterly messes and other mommy moments. I certainly could use those killer Wonder Woman boots!


  1. Oh Beth, what a heart-stopping video! I will not turn it down this time. Your last offering had over-scheduled timing for me but I'm sailing on the boat this time!

  2. Ok--I am so in. I need to wait a little closer to the time to sign-up, but I am there! I love the video. While I should know it, I don't....what is the name of the song you chose?

  3. I am so there sister! Finally get to spend special time with Y O U! I am so very excited about that . . . blessings to you as you reach out into this very big creative world of ours, I am right there supporting you and eagerly anticipate every minute of it!

  4. Love your blog, love your video! We will have to chat again soon!