Monday, January 14, 2013

custom word banners


I've been having so much fun playing with the idea of prayer flags.  I started out making them as holiday decorations for friends and family.

I then saw the possibilities of turning them into more personalized banners, creating this bee happy set for my sister-in-law who is a beekeeper.

When I began thinking about my word/intention for 2013, I realized a banner or prayer flag would be a great way to set one's intention in a tangible way. (I'm still planning this one!)



Making the above flags for friends, I found myself thinking about their words (Create and Emerge) as I decided upon stamps, appliqué designs and colors. 


As I carved new stamps and sewed banners, it felt like I was meditating upon these intentions, adding my thoughts and prayers to their words, their energy. It has been a rich and powerful way to move into the new year with mindfulness and love.  


Now, I am not a great sewer (straight and even are foreign concepts for me)  nor are my stamps perfectly neat and tidy, but I am enjoying the process and learning so much from experimenting with fabric, ink and forms.  For anyone who would like their own customized set of prayer flags (or Intention Banner) I would be happy to discuss making a set for you.  

Here are the details: each flag measures 5 by 5 inches and is a cotton fabric (honestly, not sure what is it called; the fabric is in the "home" section of Joann's Fabric store ... it lightweight and takes the fabric inks nicely.)

The cut edges are left raw and I fray the loose threads, so the squares are slightly uneven.  Some sets I add ribbon on the bottom, others I stick with stamps and appliqué elements only.

One banner is comprised of 5 flags sewn to twill tape which measures approximately 6 feet long (so you can pin or tie the flag and allow for draping.)

I mix up sewn elements with stamps.  The stamps are all my own carvings.  The sewn elements may be layered (as in the hearts) or single layer collage (I created some flower and leave designs in the bee flags.)  

I only have the one set of large letters for words and a long word or phrase could comprise an entire flag or span two in the middle.

As I am testing the waters on this project, I am offering to accept a few orders at this time.  Please note that I am a working mama and cannot guarantee something immediate; two weeks would be my promise (not including shipping time; if I need to make a new stamp, that could take me a little longer).  The cost (including first class shipping to the continental U.S.) is $20.  Canada and Europe: $25.

If you are interested, please contact me via email at: Lishofmann(at)novia(dot)net with prayer flags in the subject line and we can discuss details. 

Of course, these are super fun to make so perhaps you will want to experiment with designing your own?  Feel free to contact me if you have questions.  I am thinking the possibilities (there is my word again) are endless! 


  1. You are such an inspiration to me!! Thank you so much for your kind heart and deep friendship....xo

  2. oh these are just too freakin' delightful....ridiculously so...and i LOVE the idea of you meditating upon and infusing each banner with your beautiful spirit...


    ps. letter en route! *squeeeee*

  3. these prayer flags are beautiful - i love the colors and symbols that go so well together in each one. i can just imagine them hanging and playing with the breeze.

  4. Yours are gorgeous and truly infused with your energy, Lis. I know that making some are coming in the Blue Stocking Salon so I will wait to see what I come up with there, but this is very inspiring. I love your carved stamps too. Who thought I would ever get thrills over fabric? (Not me.) Or even want another sewing machine - one that is less than 100 years old and does more than go forward and backward....

  5. Oh my! These are beautiful, you are amazing! Do you also sell them?

  6. They are truly beautiful and will look great in your home!

  7. these are wonderful and i so love the intention you are adding to chosen focus words...what beautiful gifts. lovely prayer flags! and thank you so much for the postcard (it only arrived this week - but it was a pleasant surprise in my box) :)

  8. Oh my, carving your own stamps, Lis you are amazing. Such a wonderful way to have your word expressed and infused by your beautiful spirit. :)

  9. These are so MAGICAL! I love the idea of them so much.Might need to order as I FINALLY know my word/intent for this coming year :)
    Thank you for always inspiring me, dearest wild sister-

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