Friday, May 30, 2014

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Days full with family,work, play, and gardening leave me satiated but also depleted energy-wise.  When I find my mind spinning, my attention anywhere BUT where I am, I know it is time for a dose of much needed self-care:

Clearing my head and calming my nerves ... I think I must have been a china plate painter in a past life, the act of filling in small spaces with colors and shapes is incredibly soothing.  I cannot hurry ... I must go slowly ...

Tending to all my senses is how I find my way back to myself.  For immediate emotional and/or energy shift, I turn to scents.  The very best soul medicine I've been blessed to experience are blended oils by this plant goddess:

Special treats arrived today and we both are captivated by the scent stories in Hummingbird (a beautiful ruby red botanical blend including rose and jasmine) and Mountain Lion (sunshine and courage in a roll-on!)  After a long and steamy Midwest week (sadly, my favorite seasons - spring and autumn  - seem to be vanishing under the assault of long winters and summers) the sweet grass blessing cream has me blissed and chilled out.  (Meanwhile, I ration out Owl and Deer - two other blends that keep me inspired and grounded.) 

Blissed and blessed.  All that is required is a little time, adding color, air, light and breathing in deeply.  Very deeply. 

(Full disclosure: I am not an affiliate for The Gatheress; I am a fan and happy addict of all that she crafts and as a lover of fragrance want to say that her botanical blends are nothing short of artistry, magic, and olfactory heaven.)

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