Wednesday, May 14, 2014

wordless (almost) + {mother's love}

Strange sensation came over me this past weekend ... a realization that I am utterly and truly, deeply content.  

Oh, there are dreams still poking and prodding me forward along with ensuing gremlins, with occassional mini bouts of anxiety requiring chocolate-sedation. 

But at my core ... yikes! ... I am simply delighted by life. My life. This life. 



Glass more than half full ... it is spilling over.  But that is how I like things: messy and bubbling with still-to-be-discovered possibilities.  

And best mother's day yet ... coffee in bed, a new bookmark (the pile by the bedside is growing ... do I qualify for a sabbatical?), garden flowers and my girl missing a new tooth (a new offering for the fairy circle)  


Every day, more icing added to the cake ... 
Yes, it is good